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Red Tape reduction by CASA

Red Tape reduction by CASA

What an amazing article by CASA [in full below]

We have spoken [the aviation industry], using an independent umpire in the David Forsyth and the ASRR.

CASA need to listen to the Aviation Industry and act now, without attempts to divert the umpire’s decision.

The industry doesn’t need to give CASA further time.

The answer is quite simple, dump all the “junk regulations” that you [CASA] have made up, such as part 61, part 141 [and on] which will not and do not work.

No matter what you do to “…fix it…”, the industry complaints will continue.

There is a perfectly good set of workable regulations either across the ditch [in New Zealand] or further afield with the US-FAR’s. This usage was the preferred option in the ASRR review by industry.

Would save a lot of angst and time and cost.


Tell us how to cut regulatory red tape [April 2015]

People across the aviation community are being asked to contribute to efforts to reduce regulatory red tape. CASA is committed to the Federal Government’s deregulation agenda which aims to reduce unnecessary red tape costs on individuals, businesses and community organisations. The agenda applies to any mandatory obligations imposed by legislation, regulations or quasi-regulations.

This includes statutory instruments, standards, codes of practice, or any other aspect of regulator behaviour that has a measurable cost burden on business or individuals. Costs imposed by new regulations must be offset, although not necessarily in the same area. It has been a long standing CASA policy to ensure safety regulations are necessary, risk based and cost effective, with no unnecessary cost burdens imposed on the aviation community. The Government’s deregulation agenda puts additional emphasis on CASA’s policy.

Everyone in aviation is invited to make constructive suggestions on cutting red tape by sending ideas and comments to a dedicated email address. Suggestions can be made about removing unnecessary regulations, modifying inefficient regulations or simplifying CASA’s processes and procedures.

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