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Reactions to Dick Smith, project Eureka regarding #casa poor regulation

It has been a rocky road for #casa and in the mins of some, a very good thing that industry is taking the lead and saying “….enough is enough…”

Project Eureka says it all.

In the words of a long time aviation participant:

It is not CASA creeping over-regulation, is is RAMPAGING over-regulation, in complete and utter defiance of Government policy on Red Tape Reduction, risk based regulation, and cost/benefit justification.

Bottom line, our AIR SAFETY RECORD is poor, compared to USA. Hardly a good advertisement for the CASA approach.

AIR SAFETY outcomes would undoubtedly improve, as well as allowing a revival of General Aviation ( and not limited to General Aviation), with the adoption of the US/NZ approach to aviation safety administration.

The CASA approach is a blight on the whole industry, the airlines have been saddled with CASA costs not borne by their US/NZ/Asian competitors, it is NOT JUST General Aviation, but the whole sector that has been hit by unjustified regulatory cost and CASA micro- management, for no community benefit.

Indeed, at considerable community/societal cost, in the avoidable export of jobs.

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