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RAAA says “No to CASA” and problems with Part 61, 141 and 142

The following is from Australian Flying:

RAAA Applauds Reform Delay

The Regional Aviation Association of Australia has applauded CASA for delaying the implementation of regulation reform relating to licensing and training, but delivered the regulator a back-handed slap at the same time.

“The RAAA welcomes the announcement by CASA to delay the commencement of the suite of licensing regulations until 1  September 2014,” their statement said.

“This is a sensible response to strong industry feedback that neither CASA nor the industry was ready to take advantage of the sound licensing improvements contained within the new regulations.

“Two clear examples of the poor readiness was the lack of alternative insurance products for Authorised Testing Officers, and that the Manual of Standards would not have been completed by the proposed 4 December 2013 commencement.”

RAAA Chairman Jeff Boyd then delivered the back-hander.

“It is unfortunate that CASA, in its media release, appears to blame industry entirely for the delay in the roll-out of new licensing regulations,” he said.

“It is another example of the breakdown in the relationship between CASA and operators, a breakdown that is hurting the government and the industry.

“The CASA Board and senior management must understand that the genuine concerns about the timing of the roll-out came from industry and within CASA.

“After ten years of development due to CASA delays, it’s far better to take a little more time and get it right than rush it now and have to clean up a mess.”

More information on CASR Parts 61, 141 and 142 is available on the Australian Flying news feed.

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