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QON – Senate Estimates – February 2015

The next Senate Estimates is due later this month – Wednesday 27th and Thursday, 28 May 2015, with a full programme yet to be formulated.

QON – Senate February 2015 – Documents:


Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee_2015_02_24_3248.pdf;








Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

Questions on notice index: (PDF 569KB)

Answers were due Friday 17 April 2015

Answers to Questions on Notice
QoN no. Division/Agency View File Date received
1-4 Corporate (PDF 123KB) 15/05/2015
60-91 Infrastructure Australia (PDF 335KB) 15/05/2015
92-94 Australian Rail Track Corporation (PDF 911KB) 22/04/2015
95-96 National Transport Commission (PDF 37KB) 15/05/2015
105-109 Australian Maritime Safety Authority (PDF 93KB) 22/04/2015
110-121 Policy and Research Division (PDF 161KB) 15/05/2015
122 Office of Transport Security (PDF 25KB) 22/04/2015
123 Office of the Inspector of Transport Security (PDF 16KB) 15/05/2015
140-160 Airservices Australia (PDF 825KB) 15/05/2015
161-166 Australian Transport Safety Bureau (PDF 77KB) 15/05/2015
167-177 Civil Aviation Safety Authority (PDF 183KB) 15/05/2015
178-181 Local Government and Territories (PDF 229KB) 15/05/2015
182-183 Western Sydney Unit (PDF 33KB) 22/04/2015
184-186 National Capital Authority (PDF 39KB) 15/05/2015


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