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Project Eureka meeting – Tamworth 6th May 2016

The project Eureka continues to gain momentum, with a good expose by Steve Hitchener of Yaffa:

The Last Minute Hitch: 22 April 2016
22 Apr 2016

AOPA’s Project Eureka Papers contain a lot of home truths, and that is going to make it a very unpopular document with a lot of people who cherish their egos and positions. It asks for a lot, but GA is in a state where a lot needs to happen.

There is nothing in Eureka that serves as an eye-opener for general aviation, but a mountain of stuff that will open the eyes of people within the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

However, seeing is not doing, and history shows politicians often need a reason to make change beyond the need for change itself; some political imperative that forces their hand.

What is it general aviation has to catalyse change?

Whereas papers like Eureka are valuable to state positions, they so often don’t have an impact for lack of an ulterior motive running in support.

To keep the momentum going, AOPA has organised a rally in Tamworth for 6 May, which has attracted the attention of Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, Minister for Transport Darren Chester and CASA Chairman Jeff Boyd.

Coming just on the windward side of an election announcement, and scheduled for the Deputy PMs own marginal electorate, it is no wonder government reps are making sounds like they want to help.

However, this is a good opportunity to make some noise, and the more voices that attend the greater weight behind the industry’s issues.

If you can get there, get there…

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The Northern Daily Leader

Rally for aviation industry

Transport Minister Darren Chester

Transport Minister Darren Chester

 THE aviation industry is stepping up pressure on the government to end what it calls “the destruction of general aviation in Australia”.

The Tamworth Regional Airport will host a second rally today, where industry bodies, personalities and politicians, including Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, will hear from pilots, aircraft owners, aviation businesses and operators on the challenges they face.

Aviation Advertiser’s Ben Morgan has called this and a previous meeting in Tamworth to highlight the over-regulation of the industry, which he said was destroying charter, flight training and aviation maintenance industries in Australia, particularly in regional and remote areas.

Among those who will also be at the rally are Infrastructure and Transport Minister Darren Chester and Civil Aviation Safety Authority chairman of the board Jeff Boyd.

The rally is planned to get under way from 1pm with a free barbecue and drinks, before closed-door meetings between government and industry representatives, with a presentation and question-and-answer session from 2.30pm at the airport.


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