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The following are some useful resources that I have found while researching CASA information. I will add to these over time as they come to light. I will put a summary, which usually comes from the site itself.

1. The first of these is kangaroocourtof Australia.com.au

Kangaroo Court of Australia has a main focus on the corrupt conduct of Australian Judges and Magistrates and the Federal Politicians and Police who cover it up by failing to take action.

Australia is quite unique in Western Society in that there is no independent body to investigate complaints about judges and magistrates nor is there an independent body for the appointment of judges and magistrates. Subsequently the corruption is rife as they are accountable to nobody and the politicians appoint their own boys and girls to the judicial positions.

I will do posts on current affairs as long as there is some legal or corruption element to it.

2. AvWeb.com

3. AviationToday.com

4. twitter.com