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The following are the easy read summary of all the posts on the PelAir incident and are worth a read:

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Submissions received by the Committee

Note: The following submission links are copied for ease of reference and in order of significance to the inquiry and the pprune thread  ‘Senate Inquiry, Hearing Program 4th Nov 2011’.

Any references to attachments in the following submissions please refer to the  Senate Committee submissions page

For all ‘Answers to Questions on Notice’ please refer to bottom of the submissions page.

CASA – Submission and supplementary submissions (Sub01):




ATSB – Submission and supplementary submissions (Sub02):





Mr Mick Quinn – Submission and supplementary submissions (Sub11):




Mr Bryan Aherne – Submission and supplementary submissions (Sub10):







Mr Richard Davies – Submission and supplementary submission (Sub12):



Tabled documents of significance:

Correspondence from the ATSB to CASA regarding a critical safety issue, received 22 October 2012:

Emails from CASA officials regarding fuel planning and in-flight decision making, received 22 October 2012:

Correspondence from CASA to committee clarifying statements made at 21 November hearing, received 30 November 2012:

Internal CASA report titled “Oversight Deficiencies- Pel-Air and Beyond” (Chambers report dated 1 August 2010), received 10 October 2012:

Internal ATSB email regarding the ATSB and CASA’s approach to the Pel-Air investigation (dated 9 February 2010), received 10 October 2012:

Internal CASA email regarding the discussion with the ATSB over the content of the ATSB report (dated 18 August 2010), received 10 October 2012:

Internal CASA email (dated 4 February 2010) ATSB identification of a ‘critical safety issue’ may have ramification for CASA actions in relation to Mr James, received 10 October 2012:

Advice from the UK Civil Aviation Authority to CASA providing an assessment of the fatigue scores for the accidental flight (dated 11 December 2009), received 10 October 2012:

Internal ATSB email- reviewer wanting to look more closely at FRMS and re-interview pilots (dated 24 May 2012), received 10 October 2012:

Internal ATSB email- reviewer indicating they can’t deviate at this point and they have to work with what they have (dated 24 May 2012), received 10 October 2012:

Internal ATSB email regarding the inconsistency in safety knowledge of ATSB staff (dated 6 August 2012), received 10 October 2012:

CASA Special Audit of Pel-Air Fatigue Risk Management System, received 10 October 2012:

Public Hearings and transcripts link:

Link Pprune thread ‘Senate Inquiry, Hearing Program 4th Nov 2011’ from page 21 (Vol 1 post #403):


Senate Thread ‘Top Posts’ volume one web links.

From Planetalking 26/09/2012:

NZ TAIC ‘Safety Recommendations:

From Planetalking 11/10/2012:

From Planetalking 17/10/2012:

From Planetalking 19/10/2012:

News.com.au 22/10/2012:

From Plane Talking 22/10/2012:

From Planetalking 28/10/2012:

NZ CAA-About:

Avweb blog 16/09/2012:

Aviation Advertiser- Paul Phelan October 2012:

From Planetalking 02/11/2012:

From Planetalking 03/11/2012:

From Planetalking 11/11/2012:

The Australian – Hedley Thomas November 2012:

ATSB recommendation R20010195:

ATSB recommendation R20000040:

Link Pprune thread ‘Senate Inquiry, Hearing Program 4th Nov 2011’ from page 37 (Vol 2 post #722):


Senate Thread ‘Top Posts’ volume two web links.

From Planetalking 19/11/2012:

Norfolk Island government info:

From Planetalking 21/11/2012:

L3 Communications Aviation Recorders website:

L3 Home page:

ATSB website Minister’s expectations statement:

CASA FOI released documents – Pel-Air Special Audit Report:


CASA FOI released documents – Transair AOC surveillance records:
ICAO Annex 13 pdf:

BOM climate statistics:

Computerworld article on GPS instrument approach to beat fog:

From Planetalking 10/12/2012:

NTSB Investigators Manual:

ATSB publications web page:

From Planetalking 30/01/2013:

ATSB Safety Watch web page:

From Planetalking 02/02/2013:


Aviation Herald webpage:


CASA FOI released document – Pel-Air 2008 T&C CASA audit:

Senator Nash media link for Senate Estimates (pot plant question):

Link Pprune thread ‘Senate Inquiry, Hearing Program 4th Nov 2011’ from page 51 (Vol 3 post #1005):

Senate Thread ‘Top Posts’ volume three web links.

From Planetalking 15/02/2013:




From Planetalking 17/02/2013:


ABC ‘The World Today’ with Sally Sara 15/02/2013:

From Planetalking 27/02/2013:


Link pprune:

Link Pprune thread ‘Senate Inquiry, Hearing Program 4th Nov 2011’ from page 58 (Vol 4 post #1144):


Senate Thread ‘Top Posts’ volume four web links.

From Planetalking 28/02/2013:


Indonesian National Transport Safety Committee-Aircraft Accident Report:

PNG Aircraft Accident Report for P2-TAA (Les Wright) fatal accident Misima:

ATSB report for AO200402797:

ATSB recommendation R20040042:

CASA Enforcement Manual reference:

CASA 2011 media releases:

ATSB Aviation Accident or Incident Notification webpage:

ATSB REPCON – Aviation Confidential Reporting Scheme webpage:

PAIN zippyshare link for Pel-Air Maintenance Audit:

SMH Google news archive link:

Pro Aviation website – Paul Phelan article:

ICAO Report on CASA leading to NCN’s