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Pilot numbers indicate a major fall in aviation

Too early to say aviation is dead, but the following numbers show it is horribly sick.

Participation rate falls of 62% when measured against active medicals.

The most disturbing part is the almost 400% rise of failed medicals. The current CVD debacle is indicative of a regulator which is completely out of touch with the industry.

The PMO [Principal Medical Officer], Pooshan Navarthe has taken the opportunity to resign this week [November, 2014]. One would wonder whether past losses and his performance in the current AAT hearing of John O’Brien and the re-run of the CVD matter [Colour Vision Deficiency] had anything to do with the resignation.

However, there are still staff left in the medical section who have [on the basis of medico’s] caused a seriously difficult form to fill in, that is designed to trap individuals in their answers. The effect can lead to very expensive specialist medical bills, the reports which are then often ignored.

The call to improve the situaltion by the new DAS [Mark Skidmore] continues and he has not hit the CASA “deck” yet.


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