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PelAir – What will the ASRR bring to the surface??

The following post on pprune gives some light to the major issues surrounding the Senate PelAir inquiry:

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Don’t forget, the Senate inquiry was the one that …discovered… the following:

1. Failure by PelAir to 20.11 the crew;

2. That the life-jackets mal-functioned;

3. That the PelAir fuel management strategy was flawed;

4. atsb and casa’s refusal to raise the CVR and FDR


4. casa covered up it’s failings through the non-declared “chambers report” [aka chamberpot report];


The Senate, among it’s 26 reccomendations, and other findings, went to a likely breach by casa [“The Skull”] of the TSI [Transport Safety Investigation Act, by not passing information to beaker’s atsb.

This is a serious matter, that mrdak [Minister’s response to PelAir Inquiry] advised the Minister to “brush-off”, thinking it was all “….going to go away…”.

I am sure that the Senators have quite a different idea and will ensure that the matter goes to it’s proper finality and in a short time-frame:

  • A proper re-work and re-structure of the Aviation Acts;
  • Introduction of the US-FAR’s
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