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#pelair report still not due until late 2017

Captain Chris Manning, who is in charge of the new #pelair inquiry – #pelair 2, in tonight’s senate #estimates says that the report is due to go to the DIP’s [Directly Involved Parties] in next 5 weeks.

This is expected to take at least 60 days, rather than the usual 28 days allowed, given the length at over 400 pages. Interestingly, Manning was questioned on the previous report and the Canadian TSB review, which blasted the #pelair 1 report.

Manning said that the old report [#pelair 1], did not follow correct procedures.

Is this the smoking gun in the #pelair matter??

The sign given by #casa to the #aviation industry at Avalon. 

Remember the failure by #casa to give #atsb the chambers report and Martin Dolan denying that the Chambers report as unimportant  [which described #pelair as a poor performer].


#mh370 and #pelair insurance issues surface

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