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PelAir Inquiry raised in Senate – Who has revealed Senate secrets??

At the PelAir inquiry, the Senate made serious warnings that any “get even” with those who gave information or submissions to the Inquiry. It seems from the Xenophon statement to the Senate today [10th June 2014] someone has breached that understanding.

The actual Xenophon statement to the Senate:

Senate and Nick Xenophon places a matter before References Committee.


The formal inquiry by Chambers [CASA] after the ditching found there were issues / non-compliance with the following:

CAR 5.04
CAR 50
CAR 78 and CAO 82.1
CAR 215(8)
CAR 215(9)
CAR 233(3)
CAR 233(1)
CAR 235(1) and (2)
CAR 253(4)
CASR 92.095
CAO 20.7.1B parts 4, 7 & 12
CAO 20.11 parts 11 & 12
CAO 40.0 para 5.1, resulting in noncompliance with CAR 215(2)
CAO 48 para 4
CAO 82.1 para 3.3
Act Section 28BE paragraph (1), (2), (3a), and (3b).

and it did not result in a grounding of PelAir!!!!


And a lot of interest by the press: Ben Sandilands reports again!!

Christine Negroni of New York: http://christinenegroni.blogspot.com.au/search?q=norfolk+island


We should remember the importance of this inquiry, where:

  1. CASA was found to have witheld the Chamber’s report into PelAir from the ATSB;
  2. 27 reccomendations were made;
  3. A lengthy statement from Senator Xenophon;
  4. Supported by all the Committee;
  5. The injuries to the staff on the flight, the failure of the life-jackets to inflate, the luck to be found and to actually “walk – away” [swim]

And more reading:

PelAir Inquiry – senate May 2013

report Senate Inquiry Report – PelAir

Remember that the Chamber’s report resulted in an $89.9 million increase in excise, which has not been removed from avtur and avgas.



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PelAir Inquiry & Senator X notice of motion 10/07/14Interesting development, first cab off the rank in the Senate this morning was a NX NoM for the following to be referred to the Senate Committee of Privileges for investigation & report:





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