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PelAir finally reaches a review with ATSB of the badly investigated accident

PelAir finally reaches a review with ATSB, of the badly investigated accident, following:

Senate Inquiry – Starts October 2014, finishes February 2013

[Government Response to the PelAir Senate Inquiry [March 20th 2014]

Also See: PelAir Senate Inquiry

Senate Motion – Contempt – July 2014 [Senator Xenophon puts “Contempt of parliament” for consideration]

Canadian Review of PelAir – Starts July 2013, finishes July 2014, implemented December 2014 [ Canadians finally reply in ATSB [partial] review]

ASRR review – Starts October 2013, finishes May 2013, released June 2014, implemented (??) December 2014

[ ASRR panel release the public submissions and redact [confidential submissions] over 70 of the 269 submissions]

MH370 Investigation [Angus Houston takes charge of MH370 recovery – ATSB removed from obvious involvement]

ATSB begins action on Canadian review

The ATSB has today begun action in responding to the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) review into the ATSB’s methodologies and processes.

Released last week, the review found that the ATSB’s investigation methodologies and practices generally met or exceeded international best-practice standards.

The review also highlighted potential improvements, particularly about the way in which ATSB methodologies were applied in the investigation into the ditching of the Pel-Air Westwind Aircraft off Norfolk Island in November 2009.

In response to the TSB review, the ATSB Commission has decided to reopen its investigation into the Pel-Air accident. A new investigation team will review the original investigation and associated report in the light of any fresh evidence and relevant points raised in the TSB review and other recent aviation reviews.

At the same time, the ATSB Commission will continue to methodically and carefully work its way through the broader findings and recommendations of the TSB review, with the aim of ongoing improvements to the future work of the ATSB.

The ATSB will provide regular public updates on the progress with the re-opened Pel-Air review and with its broader consideration of, and response to, the TSB review.

 Media contact: 1800 020 616

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