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PelAir drags on – It’s over 5 years since November 2009

PelAir drags on – It’s over 5 years since November 2009

The PelAir matter is not yet complete, with the CASA, ATSB and PelAir with a major coverup continuing, much to the disappointment of the Senators. There are a whole range of issues to be answered, with a seriously disappointed and it would appear, angry Senator Xenophon at the head of the list.

There is a new PelAir investigation to be undertaken, as directed by the Minister. The ATSB, through Martin Dolan, has steadfastly refused to “get it” and the type of review likely by Dolan, given his statements to the Australian Senate will be what ATSB wants, not a proper investigation that the Senators require.

This was shown by the TOR’s [Terms of Reference] for the Canadian TSB review. No matter that the TOR’s were very narrow, the CTSB certainly saw through the original report and made some incisive directions.

Problem is of course: Dolan.

Somewhat disturbing is the use of the ATSB in the MH370 disappearance, as the ATSB does not have the capability to access, guide and lead such a massive effort, which appears to becoming more and more mired in serious political interference.

Further, the ATSB is not, when discovered eliciting proper safety recommendations through to the proper end point. This means, if the regulator [CASA] is deficient, there is no mechanism to fix the deficiency. I believe this is the real archilles heel in all this and the Senate Aviation Committee certainly is aware of this and likely to keep the pressure up to make the appropriate rectifications.

Where MH370 is, is anyone’s guess, but the mathematical pundits certainly are plumping for an area much further south than Dolan would believe. That Dolan took little notice of the carefully researched theories shows the complete indifference to common thought. This of course has been shown to the Senate.

There is an up-coming Supreme Court hearing this coming week, with Nurse Karen Casey, the non-passenger of the PelAir flight and in her ‘work-environment’ fighting the vested interests, it would seem, to duck the proper responsibility.

This author will be attending the hearing and it will be an interesting watch.


The following comments [and others on the related site] are incisive and the views of most people who have been following the messy PelAir affair through the Senate inquiry and it’s publication in May 2013.

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Sunday ponderings.

Regrettably, probably since the cave, the use of ‘influence’ has been an accepted norm; one way or another we all do it and by and large society accepts that this happens. So, no one is too surprised, shocked or even offended when Sharpe uses his ‘influence’ to shape an outcome; particularly if it is in defence of a company which employs a lot of folks, has sensitive contracts to protect and a public image to maintain.
It would be quite natural to speak softly in receptive ears – to ensure that the accident was given a ‘minimum fuss’, low key treatment. I find it hard to believe a man like Sharpe would deliberately set out to conspire with ‘the powers that be’ to bury the incident or to crucify the pilot. It would be counterproductive, whereas a little judicious ‘hosing down’ of the situation would be expected and of benefit.
Sharpe is probably clever enough to know that.
With a little imagination, one can see Sharpe ‘having a word’ – asking for a softly-softly approach, as little fuss as possible along with an iron clad guarantee to ‘sort out’ whatever problems or discrepancies were discovered; to keep the books balanced.
McComic was away and Farq-u-hardson was on deck, he threw the juicy bone to his favourite dog and game on. The rest as they say – is history.The ‘risk’ was subliminal; I doubt anyone factored in the overly enthusiastic, opportunistic, reactive, self serving, vicious response from the ambitious lower management levels.
A careful study of the pertinent ‘management’ ploys reveals much, the pathway clearly defined through the paper-trail, where clearly defined breeches of policy, protocol and manipulation of ‘the law’ have been cobbled together, crudely and in some haste, not to promote safety; but to satisfy personal, twisted ambition, a symptom of a very deep psychosis.No, the part that puzzles me is why so many gold starswere flushed down the pan.CASA could have said that ‘they’, through diligent audit had discovered someelevated systematic risk areas withinPel Air and their own system and was moving swiftly,in cooperation with the company to plug up the holes. Gold star and no more said you’d think.Nope, quality audit and expert opinionwas rejected or diminished, those that wrote the summarieswere denigrated and the serious, systematic flaws in the CASA/Pel-Air cheese not only went unplugged, butwere treated in a very cavalier manner.The fix to both systems being applied and accepted in a breathtakingly short period. The ‘experts’ rightly miffed, outraged and offended wanted no further part. And so, without really fixing up the identified problem in both areas, a magic wand (or golden pen)was twirled and all was, once again, rosy in the garden. Two bonuseswere extracted, a pilotwas crucified with the option to devastate a career and, a not so carefully plagiarised ‘report’ could be winnowed out, to help further career advancement.I reckon Sharpe and even McComic were shocked at the depth of depravity; but, they were stuck with it, being the ‘executive’ and all. Whether it was dogged determination to defend his troops or old fashioned arrogance and bile that gave us the Pel-Air inquiry is not known (for certain): what is known is that with sane, calm management the Nick Xenophon quest could have been headed off at the pass.

The real risks were taken not during the soft handling of the Norfolk ditching event, which could have been quietly (as requested) managed to insignificance; but in allowing the whole shambles to become public and subjected to Senate scrutiny.

Once there, it was too late for anything else but honesty; even then, that was denied.

I doubt I’d have risked it all, not at those odds. I’d have sacrificed the management team so fast it would make your head spin. “Senator, we are revisiting the Pel Air incident, we find that the audit was badly handled by the management team, who have since been dismissed.” “We have appointed an acknowledged, qualified expert to complete the task and look forward to implementing the across the board improvements to air safety, we at CASA are dedicated to providing”.

“Pel Air has been allowed, in the interests of procedural fairness to continue it’s operations under a regime of monthly audit and increased surveillance”. Gold star.

It turned out that they couldn’t do the snow job properly: hadn’t got the brains to spin their way out of bother; or even the nouse enough to get off the track when the train was coming, then it became a high risk, high stakes game.

The world is watching the MH 370 effort, the PM has his nuts in a vice with Chemilnecal Trails looking to score off any loose words; and we put up an ATSB highly compromised by cooperation with a safety authority that can’t manage a simple, low key fix of what was a fairly straightforward event.

Perhaps CASA never, ever, for a moment considered that answers would be sought. Had it been managed properly, from the off, those questions would never have been asked. Had ‘they’ allowed normal process under policy to take place, the Senate would not be anything other than vaguely aware that there had been an incident and CASA was in control.

So, Creamy and Nick – I can agree that there was no consideration of ‘being caught’ in the matrix – but I doubt the cognitive or intellectual horsepower was available to ‘predict’ the eventual outcome. I could believe arrogant assumption, in fact, I’d bet on it.

Apart from McComic (and the honourable resigned), do you know everyone involved with Pel Air is still drawing wages, expenses and super. Some have even been promoted.

The sad part is that the Pel Air disgrace was but a ‘minor’ embuggerance compared to some of the better covered, non examined cases CASA have ‘managed’. Instead of gold stars and choc frogs for ‘clever’ management they have deeply annoyed a Senate, almost endangered two minuscules, embarrassed an industry and now, though association the ATSB is set to compromise the government; as any shadow passing over the MH 370 situation will be closely examined by the world.

Absolutely stellar: the stuff of legend; and, quite a legacy for the new chum to live down. Get in first mate – demand a judicial (or Senate) inquiry, even if only for top cover – lest the tar brush be applied to some nether regions when all is revealed. Guilty by association is not a great way to start.

Ends Sunday ramble, saddles up the Gobbledock’s mighty beast, whistles up dogs and heads off along the river bank anticipating fresh coffee and blueberry muffins (gods willing – weather permitting) on return.


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