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Part 61 problems recur

Part 61 problems recur, with #casa relying on exemptions. The problem of content of Part 61 remain.

#casa to deal with non-compliance with ICAO and FAA, following an audit in 2008, issued over 2000 non-compliance’s, then said “All is OK”

Comment from an experienced aviator:

Simpler Rules???

You have to be kidding me!!

Try reading them.

When you have “please explain!!””


Now in effect: simpler rules for aircraft rating flight reviews and instrument proficiency checks

Two new exemptions are now in effect which provide alternatives to the aircraft rating flight review and instrument proficiency check rules.

  • CASA EX93/16 provides alternative requirements for pilot type rating instrument proficiency checks.
  • CASA EX97/16 provides an alternative to aircraft class rating and pilot type rating biennial flight reviews, with an aircraft category and multi-engine aircraft requirement.

New information sheets have been published on the CASA website to explain the changes at a glance, and existing documents have been updated – including the CASR Part 61 Licence Instruction Guide and CASA’s suite of licensing information sheets.

No changes to Part 61 licences or forms

The licence entries required to be made by flight instructors and flight examiners on a Part 61 flight crew licensing document will not change as a result of the new requirements.

Consequently, pilots do not need to apply for a new licence as a result of these changes. Any authorisations that appeared on your licence before the changes were introduced will remain valid.

Visit the CASA website to find out more and access the guidance material.



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