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Part 61 documents, exemptions and exceptions and the Future of GA

With the help of auntypru.com, the following is presented to demonstrate the parlous state of aviation.

This situation of huge numbers of exemptions [should read – “…..Part 61 not up to standard….”]

This mirrors the range of nearly 3000 “exceptions”  that #casa raised following the 2008 ICAO/ FAA audit of Australia’s regulator, which showed the poor state of affairs. This was further supported by the Australian Senate findings in 2013 and 2014 regarding the hidden document in the #PelAir ditching at Norfolk Island.

In summary, #casa came up well short of a pass mark. These “exceptions”, read “exemptions”, when applied to GA and RPT tell the same story.

#casa is a poor regulator and is destroying GA in particular.

Part 61 is contained within Volume II of the CASR (see link below), from page 101 to 423 i.e. 322 pages:

CASR Volume 2 : 675 pages
r 45.005-92.205

Part 61 Manual of Standards Instrument 2014 is 664 pages contained within 4 Volumes, see links and page count below:

Volume 1 : 74 pages

Volume 2 : 254 pages

Volume 3 : 228 pages

Volume 4 : 108 pages

and for the exemptions:

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