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Overly prescriptive methodology by #casa confirmed

Senate Estimates May 2018#casa answers Senator Patrick Questions

The overly prescriptive methodology by #casa has been confirmed in the answer to a complaint by #casa Industry Complaints Officer, Jonathon Hanton.

This prescriptive approach fails to meet industry needs [Complaint by Steve Purvinas, Secretary Australian Licenced Aircraft Engineers Association]

This is the ultimate paragraph from the ICC letter, which is produced below.

The important feature here, in reading the ICC letter written to Steve Purvinas, regarding a tyre showing steel protruding from the tyre and whether or not the tyre should have been replaced prior to it’s reported flight: is the overly prescriptive instructions and micromanagement of the industry,

Question should be:

What was the risk entailed in the next flight??

rather than:

Was safety impinged??

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