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NSW Standing Commitee Inquiry into Aviation services in NSW

This has just been released with submissions requested:


Inquiry into regional aviation services:

That the Standing Committee on State Development inquire into and report on the provision of aerial regular passenger transport (RPT) services to regional centres in New South Wales,

and in particular:

1. Cost of access to Sydney Airport, regional New South Wales airports and other landing fields including:

a) airport operator landing fees imposed at various airports and services and facilities included in those fees;

b) methodology for calculating landing fees for different classes of aircraft.

2. Financial management and viability matters impacting on RPT operators, including:

a) economics of operating various types of aircraft, including modern single engine turbine compared to older twin engine piston aircraft;

b) impacts of compliance costs, including per passenger costs;

c) suitability of “hub and spoke” systems for potential routes for smaller passengernumbers;

d) the viability of passenger loading for different classes of aircraft.

3. Economic impact on regional communities of gaining or losing RPT services, including:

a) the local business community;

b) the impact on general aviation and regional airport management of the gain or loss of RPT services to regional centres;

c) the potential for future economic development;

d) impacts for local, state and Federal governments, including licencing
arrangements for services less than 50,000 passengers per annum.

4. Potential for development of future modern RPT aviation including:

a) opportunities for regional aviation manufacturing and servicing;

b) the development and supply of sufficient numbers of trained and skilled aviation personnel;

c) local, state and Federal government arrangements for staff travel;

d) opportunities for dual use RPT services to include both freight and passenger legs on the same routes.

5. Any other matter relating to the provision of aerial regular passenger transport services.


Press release by ABC:

ToR released for regional aviation inquiry


Updated Mon 9 Dec 2013, 6:44am AEDT



Terms of Reference for an inquiry into regional air services in New South Wales have been released.

Nationals’ MLC, Rick Colless, will chair the investigation, which is being conducted by the Standing Committee on State Development.

He says the aim of the inquiry is to secure more reliable and comprehensive passenger services to and from regional centres.

Rick Colless says too many towns have lost their air services and that situation has got to change.

“The model that we’re working on at the moment is failing and if we continue to apply that same model then things are going to continue to get tougher for those airlines,” he said.

“So, if we can put in place a better model for service delivery and then encourage the air industry to participate in that, hopefully, we’ll come to some positive outcomes.”

Rick Colless says the Committee will look at the financial viability of regional carriers, their access to Sydney Airport, landing fees, impacts on towns that lose an airline, as well as the potential to develop better air services in the Bush.

He says the inquiry is not a ‘witch hunt’ to find poor-performing carriers, but to find long-term solutions.

“What we want to get out of this inquiry is a more reliable and a more comprehensive regular passenger transport service to and from regional centres in NSW and, while the Tamworths, Waggas and Dubbos will always have a regular passenger service, it’s the smaller centres that are doing it tough.”

Rick Colless says he’ll convene the first meeting of the Inquiry committee this week.

 First posted Sun 8 Dec 2013, 10:47pm AEDT


Saturday, December 14, 2013


NSW regional Brindabella’s turbo-props grounded by CASA

| Dec 13, 2013 6:46AM | |

Brindabella Jetstream 41 at Canberra: Wiki Commons photo by Peter Ellis


Among the not-Qantas stories of these days is the grounding by CASA of Brindabella Jetstreams .

As of this hour, eight out of ten of the Canberra based regional carrier’s turboprops, which include some Metroliners as well as Jetstreams, are grounded.

Its web site earlier today made no acknowledgment of the predicament the airline is in, and was just another irritation to regional travellers who have been angered in recent weeks by its inability to provide reliable air services.

Last month Brindabella self-reported the maintenance failures which led at first to the partial grounding of its Jetstream turbo-prop fleet, and now the grounding and intensive inspection and review of remaining aircraft and the procedures that may or may not have been properly adhered to in relation to their airworthiness.

Brindabella was a much respected operator, but its failure to properly maintain aircraft relied upon by the public implies gross contempt for the rules and those passengers who trusted the airline.

And when a management doesn’t even know on a daily basis what the maintenance status is of all or part of its fleet, it puts its air operator certificate under pressure.

This sounds harsh. But that this is what the rules mean. Brindabella is going to have to work very hard to restore its previously excellent reputation.


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