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No progress Mr. Chester at since 1999 at what cost??

I have been doing some historical research on some documents lent to me by an #aviation participant.

These are a bit of history, but demonstrate why Australian #aviation is in crisis.

Just yesterday, the helicopter industry refused to be further bullied by #casa.

As of today i am told from a reliable source that the 105 hour commercial course will remain and the 10 hours of non recurrent instrument training will be a choice.
This exact scenario was put CASA three years ago.
Casa will never make this public as they will NEVER admit to any errors of judgment ever.
How much money has now been wasted by companies to comply with totally draconian regulations.
It is obvious that the regulator has absolutely no idea of our industry or this rubbish would never have been introduced in the first place.

I will repeat that when roger weeks finished his part 61 spiel 4 years ago i said to him that these regs would see the end of some companies and he said “We expect that “.


How many of us think that’s the case. Nobody I’m thinking.
A huge cost has been imposed on all facets of GA.
More so on the training industry.
The huge financial impost put on totally unnecessary testing alone is a terrible case of over regulation for no cost benefit and no safety argument.
Casa would be easily shot down in a court of proper thinking people.
I have heard from a couple of people that one progressive company has sent casa a bill for costs incurred to cover the no cost to industry mantra. I hope this is true. We all need to think about similar actions.
We have all felt the added burden of part 61 ridiculous requirements.
Maybe we should all send a request for compensation for the massive cost of compliance of backward thinking regulation.
Why not?
There are so many cases i have received that belie the case of “what you had before you will have after”.
The stand out is the low level authorizations.
You are an Ag 1 training instructor of many years standing that has had recency flight revue checks by an Ag 1 flying instructor who is not an ATO or testing officer so you have to book a test with a testing officer that requires MONEY to travel to, to do exactly the same flying you paid to go and do with the other bloke.
The person, with many years of ag, that was coming to me, with thousands of low flying hours was advised to use the second in charge of the flight testing office to check him.
As far as I’m aware this person has
Zero experience in Ag
This is the same as FIO personnel with no low level or mustering background giving out approvals.
This has to end.
Because you are in CASA you are not a god.
I have done a lot of hours with the boss and he can’t perform a low level circuit with a good level of precision.
Because he couldn’t get it right he criticised me as a show off.
Casa has made a terrible blunder.
Full of their own self importance when they are actually clueless.
That’s my opinion.

 Some reading around the time:


If we go back to 2001, with apologies to “…Wicking…” the following summed up the position at the time.

And the 1999 press release and directions to #casa

To the 2013 Truss article:

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