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MrDak abandons #aviation industry

MrDak abandons #aviation industry and there were a few whimpers going on:

Judicial Inquiry for #casa becomes LNP Queensland policy

MrDak blasts away in the press – maybe in light of the press statement by the Minister below there is a reason for the vitriol

History shows the way – with previous Minister Truss failures

Of course the incumbent CEO’s are in the mix – Carmody of #casa

And the incumbent Mr. Chester cannot be missed in the very public outing as MrDak leaves Infrastructure.

From Steve Hitchen today:

Mike Mrdak’s departure from Infrastructure was announced this week in one of the most curious ways I have ever seen. Minister Darren Chester issued a statement that started out heaping praise on Mrdak and outlining his achievements, without actually saying at anytime that he’s leaving the department. It leaves the industry to assume that from references to “his future role”.

It’s not until the fourth paragraph that we start to understand that he will be the new Secretary for the Department of Communications and the Arts. It’s almost like this was a supplementary to a major announcement that never made it out. Similarly, the statement also never says that Dr Steven Kennedy is to be the new secretary in infrastructure, only that Minister Chester is looking forward to working with him. Let’s hope I have read between the lines properly; I have been thinking of getting better reading glasses.

And now from the jungle drums: it would appear the BITRE GA Study is turning out to be a bit of a hand grenade for the government, although I am sure they would be loathe to characterise it that way. If what I am told is true, it vindicates what the aviation community has been trumpting for years: we have a lot of potential, but we need help to convert that into something kinetic.

How the government chooses to deal with the report is still a mystery, but there is some talk around the traps that real reform could be on the way. Have I said that before … maybe just after the Forsyth Report came out?

Read more at http://www.australianflying.com.au/the-last-minute-hitch/the-last-minute-hitch-8-september-2017#ZAKCcYWiiIAdpOqR.99

Chester’s statement:




07 September 2017

Mike Mrdak has been an outstanding Secretary for my Department for more than eight years and I wish him every success in his future role.

Under Mike’s professional leadership, the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development has helped this government deliver infrastructure projects and programs throughout Australia, which have made a difference in people’s lives.

A feature of his time in office has been the major improvements to the national land transport network and he was instrumental in developing the government’s future infrastructure investment plans for projects such as the Melbourne–Brisbane Inland Rail and Western Sydney Airport.

He has a passion for regional issues and I’m confident his experience with major infrastructure projects will serve him well as the new Secretary for the Department of Communications and the Arts.

I look forward to working with Dr Steven Kennedy, who also has an outstanding record in the public service, as we continue to deliver the government’s record $75 billion infrastructure investment.

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