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Mr. Skidmore, CASA CEO November report. A commentary

From CASA CEO Mr Skidmore, Nov 15

“Pilots with a current licence only need to undertake an aviation English language proficiency assessment if they want to use their Australian licence overseas. However, a current aviation assessment is needed before applying for any flight test for a private, commercial, air transport or multi-crew pilot licence. People needing to find a language assessor should talk to their local flight training school.”

I would have thought that one’s language ability would be quite adequately dealt with during training and licence testing.

Wonder what extra costs are involved and how does CASA approve language assessors?

What is the practice in the US and NZ?

Is this another example of unnecessary and costly micro management ?

In regard to the last part of Mr Skidmore’s report “Fatigue forum praised for practical answers” is most confusing.

It would seem that there were two forums.

  • One with more than thirty FOIs and other CASA staff;
  • One with 40 attendees and one with 80

Both meetings (or was it only one with massaged message inadvertently posted?).

Wonder what that cost was??

  • Accommodation, meals;
  • No doubt many being flown in from Canberra and further afield.

It seems that a lovely time was had by all and of course they’ll all be back next year to have a wonderful conference all about the next tranche of changing regulations. Much more enjoyable than working for a living, our fuel levies bringing happiness and satisfaction to our masters.

Meanwhile back in the real world of what’s left of GA, it is gasping for air, struggling to pay the bills and struggling at the task of coping with a new suite of regs that will see many more aviation businesses close their doors.

What’s it all about?

Huge pay packets, lifestyle, ego and power.

Bureaucracy unlimited, not a real reform in sight, the situation is out of control.

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