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Chambers Report

Chambers Report:

This is the report CASA had undertaken to look into PelAir and then did not pass onto ATSB in deference to the MOU between ATSB and CASA.

The following post in pprune [ http://www.pprune.org/australia-new-zealand-pacific/468048-senate-inquiry-hearing-program-4th-nov-2011-a-61.html#post7728051 ] is interesting:

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atsb, casa and the coroners courts

Real lucky Owen then.

Transair had coroners inquiry due to death, PelAir no one died, no coroners inquiry.

I am sure that Nurse Casey, the patient, the Doctor and the husband would be happy with your comment or the action of the atsb or casa in the Norfolk Island matter.

From a post on avweb:

Nurse Karen Casey says it all:Karen Casey
Posted February 16, 2013 at 10:57 am | PERMALINK
CASA, ATSB, Pel-Air.

Shame, shame, shame.

How dare there be people in positions that knowingly put the public at risk. When I hear that this crash could have been prevented if more pro-active safety follow ups were insitu, my stomach churns. The hell myself and others on board have experienced in many forms, is too difficult to adequately express. The ditching was positively preventable had our trusted systems had honest, thorough scaffolding, starting at the top. CASA audited Pel-Air in April 2007, they found the operator was not adhering to numerous rules. Audited again March 08, safety alert issued. No further audit follow up until after the ditching. Then a dodgy ATSB report, the Chambers report sitting south under McCormick. How dare all involved shake our lives to the core…their turn to shake now.

Lies always unravel. I hope this is the start of real change.

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In full, this can be read here:

Chambers report – sub 01 CASA_Doc 3_Web