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Ministers fail to answer questions

On 12th September 2015, I wrote to Minister Jamie Briggs, given his capacity in small business administration, and finally got a reply today – not from Minister Briggs, but from Warren Truss’s office:

asrr question to Truss


What a huge crock.

Not in one place does the Minister answer the questions.

Skidmore has been a complete disaster and has not come to terms with what is required by the aviation industry.

This is a serious call to the #casa Board to take proper action, where Minister’s are avoiding their responsibility that is clearly within their zone of responsibility.

You make up your mind.

The Hon. Jamie Brigg,
Dear Minister,
I have serious doubts as to where your regulator, casa is going and the negative impact on aviation in Australia.
I know, in conversations with the casa Board Chair, Mr. Jeff Boyd that he is being stymied in the Board’s direction to remedy and develop aviation.
The placement of the latest person on the Board has just been announced and I draw your attention to the following issues:
Question is:
  1. How does she stand on the #asrr review?
  2. Is she aware of #casa’s breach of Model Litigant provisions?
The clear problems within #casa that have been exposed in dealings such as:
I would appreciate your early response and support to ensure that the Forsyth ASRR reccomendations are implemented without change and reduce the regulatory costs to aviation.
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