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Minister Chester fails to engage with aviation participant

In December 2016, an aviation participant [I hold the original copy supplied to me by the person] requested a meeting with Minister Chester.

The letter is attached immediately below and follows an earlier letter seeking to clarify details in a request.

The earlier letter from the Minister refused to clarify those requests as seen below.

Dear Mr. Chester;
PO Box 486, Sale, VIC 3853
P. (03) 5144 6744 F. (03) 5144 3945

RE: Reply to me on 28th November 2016, received 7th December 2016

I have read your reply and say:

1. I have no answer as to items a, b, c and d below and would appreciate them being answered individually and in full;

2. That your proposed study only repeats what has been in the ASRR report of Mr. David Forsyth, completed in 2014.

I believe that it would be more efficient to again brief Mr. Forsyth including the extensions you see fit and achieve an industry wide acceptance of the results. This would see a rapid answer, which the aviation industry requires to re-group and move forward in a positive manner.

The current situation does not allow for this to happen;

3. The industry has given a clear indication that all, in fact, is not well. The Colmar Brunton survey gives a very clear indication of that status. CASA in their annuall report dismiss the report saying “…another survey will be done in two years….things will have improved by then….”. In fact it is highly likely that aviation, outside the RPT sector will be so damaged that it will not return. This needs action now and you have the ASRR report to drive the proper reform, not the empty promises of a recalcitrant CASA.

4. A DAP (Director’s Advisory Panel) leaves the changes internal in CASA and I and others can produce reams of evidence to show that this process does not work. In fact, simply, that is why aviation is in the sate that it is in 2016.

5. In fact, at page 101 of the ASRR report, it also says:

The Panel is also conscious that, although a number of industry participants argued for the adoption of the US Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) because they are seen as shorter and simpler, the comparison seems to be based only on the FARs themselves. When the added complexity of the multiple levels of exemptions, authorisations and circulars are added to the FARs, the US framework becomes quite complicated and difficult to follow, and not as simple (at least in structure) as completed CASRs should be.

The issue, Mr. Chester, is that since the ASRR report and the implementation of Part 61 for example, there is a 3000+ page document total, which at best is poorly written and very difficult to understand. Not even very experienced ATO’s understand the document.

Hence now the industry is calling for the US-FAR’s or a subset to be introduced and let the industry get on with it’s job and lets get Australia flying.

I would appreciate a complete answer to my inquiry and suggestions.

Further, in February 2016, I had a chance meeting with Mr. Barnaby Joyce in George Street Sydney. He promised to meet with yourself, Senator Nash and himself.

Could you please have your staff make those arrangements please for February 2016 as I will be in the ACT between 18th February and the 3rd March 2017.

Yours sincerely,


Reply from Minister Chester 7th December 2016:

Inbox > Message Detail
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Subject: Correspondence to Minister Chester [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
“Minister Chester” <Minister.Chester@infrastructure.gov.au> (Add as Preferred Sender)
Date: Wed, Dec 07, 2016 9:51 am
To: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Dear ****,

Thank you for your email and phone call to the office to follow up on your correspondence.

As you discussed with Alex this morning, there is currently a letter in the post in its way to you.

I have attached an electronic copy of the letter for your convenience.

If you have any further issues and would like to contact the office again via email, please do so by using the ministerial email address provided below.

Kind regards
Jacqueline Lange
Office of the Hon Darren Chester MP
Minister for Infrastructure and Transport
Deputy Leader of the House
T 02 6277 7680 | F 02 6273 4163 | M 0455 213 033
Suite M1 26 Parliament House | CANBERRA ACT 2600
For Diary or portfolio related emails please contact: Minister.Chester@infrastructure.gov.au

From: ***** $$$$$$$$$$$$$
Sent: Sunday, 27 November 2016 7:08 PM

Letter to aviation participant $$$$$$$$ from Minister Chester:

To: Chester, Darren (MP)
Cc: Nash, Fiona (Senator); Joyce, Barnaby (MP)
Subject: [FWD: Request to Minister]

Hi, I do not have an answer to this letter. Could you please deal with it for me.

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Request to Minister
From: ***** $$$$$$$$$$$$$
Date: Sun, October 30, 2016 9:25 am
To: darren.chester.mp@aph.gov.au
Cc: “Barnaby Joyce” <Barnaby.Joyce.MP@aph.gov.au>, “Fiona Nash”

Dear Darren,

I attach a letter for your urgent attention.

I have been seeking to meet you since your appointment in February 2016 following an undertaking by Barnaby Joyce in George Street in Sydney to meet me and work through serious problems in aviation with yourself and Fiona Nash.

I seek that meeting as a matter of urgency.

Sincerely ***** $$$$$$$$$$$$$
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and delete all copies of this transmission together with any attachments.

Letter of 31st October 2016 in answer to the Minister’s press release:

I believe that this release is only a diversion of attention from the real problem, which can only be solved by the immediate introduction of the US-FAR’s and changes to CAAct 9A to reflect “aviation effects of decisions”.
Given that your Department is such a large organisation and has a very wide range of responsibilities, of which aviation forms an important part. There being over 75 million single journeys on the majors, supported by a wide ranging industry scattered through most small and intermediate size towns:
a. When will you appoint a responsible Junior Minister to oversee this area??
b. How are you going to re-gain the confidence of the aviation industry as shown by the dismal performance of CASA in the recent Colmar Brunton review??
c. When will you be up-dating the Civil Aviation Act and regulations to meet the requirements of the Abbott government to reduce red-tape and regulatory impact on industry?
d. What are you doing to rein in the excesses of the regulator – CASA [Civil Aviation Safety Authority]?;



1. I have submitted to the Forsyth ASRR, and join 31% of submitters who were marked confidential as I am concerned about retribution by CASA on the basis of my submission;
2. I have given substantial back-up information [over 200 pages of documents] to the ASRR;
3. I have no confidence in the regulator;
4. As you are aware, I have raised substantial matters of concern with my local member, Minister Susan Ley.

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