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Minister Chester fails to answer letter on #aviation

On 31st October 2016 I caused a letter to be sent to Minister Chester in the following terms. I have not had a response, in the normal typical fashion of the different Minister’s for Transport, to letters and e-mails.

Unanswered letter to the Minister is below:

Dear Mr. Chester;
PO Box 486, Sale, VIC 3853
P. (03) 5144 6744 F. (03) 5144 3945
RE: Question raised following your Press Release on Friday
I believe that this release is only a diversion of attention from the real problem, which can only be solved by the immediate introduction of the US-FAR’s and changes to CAAct 9A to reflect “aviation effects of decisions”.

Given that your Department is such a large organisation and has a very wide range of responsibilities, of which aviation forms an important part. There being over 75 million single journeys on the majors, supported by a wide ranging industry scattered through most small and intermediate size towns:

a. When will you appoint a responsible Junior Minister to oversee this area??

b. How are you going to re-gain the confidence of the aviation industry as shown by the dismal performance of CASA in the recent Colmar Brunton review??

c. When will you be up-dating the Civil Aviation Act and regulations to meet the requirements of the Abbott government to reduce red-tape and regulatory impact on industry?

d. What are you doing to rein in the excesses of the regulator – CASA [Civil Aviation Safety Authority]?;


1. I have submitted to the Forsyth ASRR, and join 31% of submitter’s
who were marked confidential as I am concerned about retribution by CASA on the basis of my submission;
2. I have given substantial back-up information [over 200 pages of documents] to the ASRR;
3. I have no confidence in the regulator;
4. As you are aware, I have raised substantial matters of concern with my local member, Minister Susan Ley.

Announcement by Minister Chester for “…another…” aviation review although this time by the self interested Mrdak Department of Infrastructure on 28th October 2016.

Major study of General Aviation sector

MEDIA RELEASE DC160/2016 28 October 2016

  •   Australian Government commits to major study into general aviation in Australia to remove barriers to growth
  • Representatives of the general aviation sector invited to contribute to work
  • Study will cover issues ranging from regulatory and cost issues affecting the sector

Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester today announced a major study will be undertaken to identify priorities for General Aviation (GA) in the future.

“I am keen to remove barriers to growth in this vital part of the aviation industry including reducing costs and regulatory burden,” Mr Chester said.

“General aviation has a rich history in Australia and I’m confident it can have a prosperous future. This study will help get the public policy right to support growth in the sector.

“The study, to be conducted by the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE), forms an important part of the Government’s response to proposals from the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) and The Australian Aviation Associations Forum (TAAAF).

“As part of the response, I can confirm that CASA will be undertaking a review of the private pilot medical requirements—an area that I know has been a key issue for the GA sector.

“The BITRE study will cover a range of issues, including assessing the key drivers and influences on the sector.

“That means identifying trends, what the economic, demographic, and regulatory factors behind these trends are, as well as outlining the key challenges facing the industry.

“Representatives from the general aviation sector will be offered the opportunity to assist with this work.

“I will be requesting that the General Aviation Action Group, which was formerly a sub-group of the Aviation Industry Consultative Council (AICC), report directly to me in future,” Mr Chester said.

“The Action Group will also act as a reference group for the BITRE general aviation study.

“I am looking forward to seeing the results of this study as we work with industry and other key stakeholders on the common goal of a safe, growing and sustainable Australian general aviation industry,” Mr Chester said.

Terms of reference for the study are available online: https://infrastructure.gov.au/aviation/

The above link, as typically occurs with aviation, does not go to the any place related to the Terms of Reference.

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