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Micro-management by casa in Draft AC 61-20 v1.0 – Pilot supervision

Micro-management by casa in Draft AC 61-20 v1.0 – Pilot supervision

casa is calling for comment on this AC.

Draft AC 61-20 v1.0

Typically, the document is seriously flawed.

Look at section 2.12 to 2.14

2.1.2 The world of aviation is rapidly changing. The utilisation of aircraft and airspace is evolving and the advances in technology and systems is expanding the scope and the pace of their roles within many operations. These changes introduce a wide array of human performance implications that require appropriate management to maintain aviation safety.

2.1.3 For more than two decades, CASA has promoted the systems-based approach, including a learning culture, that assists pilots to gain experience while continuing to operate safely. A learning culture sets processes and practices that encourages not only individuals but also organisations to increase knowledge, competence, and performance.

2.1.4 An integral part of a learning culture is supervision where a supervising pilot provides support and mentoring in a non-jeopardy environment. A supervising pilot can provide support from induction through to line competency for newly employed pilots or during the training for new qualifications for existing pilots. The support could be in the form of direct or indirect supervision.

This is just a “justification” to the document, and a shameless promotion of casa and what it “does”.

Another casa FAIL.

casa must be directed to go back and start again.

A comment sent to me says:

Usual casa double speak and micro management.

FAIL. Get a real person to do the AC

START again. “FF”

Use FAA for the AC, with no “interpretation” by casa.




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