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MH370 – What others are saying

Christine Negroni has been interested in Australian aviation for a period of time, writing an insightful article about PelAir in February 2013.

As we know this Senate inquiry has morphed into the ASRR, which has not held back in it’s censure of both the CASA and ATSB, with some serious and deep seated changes required to the regulator [CASA] and the investigator [ATSB]. There are numerous references to the the aviation industry disconnect with the regulator [CASA].

The final ASRR report is in the hands of the Minister.

The well known blogger, Christine Negroni, who achieved her colours in the SwissAir investigation has moved on to the MH370 mystery.

The MH370 again came to the fore this morning [10th June 2014], when Treasurer Joe Hockey says “We will fund our responsibilities for the search in our [Australian] waters/ territory.

The Negroni blog can be read on: http://christinenegroni.blogspot.com.au/2014/06/data-shows-mh-370-may-have-flown-for.html

A 777 similar to MH370:



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