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MH370 setback in search

The following was published today regarding the MH370 setback in search in the Australian.


Technical setback in MH370 search

Warren Truss with a search map for missing flight MH370

A technical issue could set back the planned finish date for work in the main search zone for MH370. Source: AAP

A TECHNICAL problem could set back the planned finish date for work in the main search zone for missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370.

THE Joint Agency Coordination Centre said on Sunday that investigators could finish scouring the priority zone of the Indian Ocean by May if there were no delays with vessels, equipment or weather.

But on Wednesday, JACC revealed the vessel Fugro Discovery had a “system issue” with a component of the search equipment. “Search activities have been suspended while the issue is remedied,” it said. Also, JACC told AAP the Australian Transport Safety Bureau had advised that measures to fix Fugro Discovery’s problem were being trialled and the results would be reviewed. “Until that process is complete, the extent of the issue’s effect on the progress of the underwater search is unknown,” JACC said.

Meanwhile, other search efforts will continue during the festive period. The Fugro Equator is scheduled to depart for Fremantle on Wednesday after finishing its current survey, and the GO Phoenix continues its underwater search. More than 200,000 sqkm has been surveyed and 11,000 sqkm of the sea floor has been searched. MH370, carrying 239 passengers and crew, disappeared on March 8 travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

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