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MH370 independent review by Brock McKeon

MH370 independent review – paper

The independent report, published by Brock McKeon, has not recieved much traction yet, except by Ben Sandilands. Ben says that there are serious questions to be asked, a point that Ben has made for a lengthy period of time.

Many others have questioned the direction that the aircraft took after dissapearing off the radar screens north of Malaysia. And the reasons why it took so long for the Malaysians to own up to it being “seen next” to the south west of the place of departure.

And where the plane is, one of, it appears, pure speculation.

I have published the report here:  MH370 – Investigation-of-the-Investigators, for easy access. It is well worth reading Ben’s expose as well as this.

This does not find MH370, but is another step in the puzzle.


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