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MH370 – Angus Houston takes charge

MH370 – Angus Houston takes charge ove r the search and the collection of materials. He is to lead the international search effort.

Where is ATSB’s Martin Dolan???.

Maybe someone is actually reading the PelAir stuff-up of ATSB and the complicity in this by Dolan and McCormick.

Is the PM [Tony Abbott] distancing himself from these individuals??

Malaysia Airlines MH370: Former Defence chief Angus Houston to help coordinate search for missing plane

Updated 1 hour 55 minutes ago

Former Australian Defence Force chief Angus Houston will take a leading role in coordinating the international search effort for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

The retired Air Chief Marshal will head a new Joint Agency Coordination Centre to be set up in Perth which will coordinate the mammoth search already underway to find the missing plane.

His role will be to maintain clear lines of communication between all of the international partners as well as with the families of the passengers, many of whom are expected to travel to Australia as the search progresses.

Malaysia however will still hold its responsibility for the search under international law.

Weather conditions were expected to deteriorate off the West Australian coast today as the search for the missing aircraft continues.

Joining the search for MH370

The ABC’s Jade MacMillan describes what it is like on board a P3 Orion searching the southern Ocean for a missing airliner.


Chinese and Australian ships searching in the southern Indian Ocean have retrieved a number of objects.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) says a Chinese ship, and HMAS Success collected some objects from the sea yesterday but so far nothing recovered has been confirmed as being related to MH370.

Yesterday’s search covered more than 250,000 square kilometres and involved eight aircraft which have continued to report sightings of objects in different parts of the search area.

Four ships have been involved in the search in an area about 1,850 kilometres west of Perth and another five were due to arrive later today.

Australian Navy ship HMAS Toowoomba left Perth late on Saturday to join the search. It is carrying a Seahawk helicopter but will not reach the search zone for several days.

Australian ship Ocean Shield has been fitted with US black box recovery equipment and is set to head to the search area on Monday.

The black box emits a ping that can be picked up from an ocean depth of just over four kilometres, but the batteries powering the signal last just 30 days and are set to run out on April 7.

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