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MH370 analysis and ATSB reactions

MH370 analysis and ATSB reactions

There has been huge interest in the fate of MH370, of which I am most interested in the ATSB actions.

The questions being:

  1. Are the actions of ATSB reactive and
  2. Does the ATSB have the “…head power…” to research, co-ordinate and
  3. Can the ATSB effect finding MH370?

In  my readings on the matter, there have been some recent research papers, which go towards this supposition, that ATSB cannot/has not got to the best estimate of the location of MH370.

The recent ‘sensitivity of moderators’ on the MH370 thread on the pprune site, when this observation is made with the relevant supporting documents is evidence of this sensitivity. If supported by the Steele articles and the substantive papers that are referred to by Steele, go a long way towards explianing that there may just be another ATSB cover-up.

The previous cover-up was exposed through early 2012, with the expose made publicly by ABC-Four Corners in September 2012. This TV programme, with it’s well respected journalists,exposed serious deficiencies of the ATSB investigations and the ATSB’s relationship with CASA [the regulator]. Recommendations from the Senate inquiry went in part to seeking an Australian Federal Police [AFP] inquiry into breaches of the Transport Safety Investigation Act and breaches of Senate confidentiality.

Within 4 days became a Senate Inquiry pressed by Senator Nick Xenophon, which then uncovered serious obtusification by both the regulator [CASA] and the investigator [ATSB]. The most serious was the direct action by the regulator – CASA, to withhold the damning Chamber’s report, which revealed that the operator – PelAir had not even met routine safety requirements, which were later exposed by the Chambers report and a series of FOI applications.

Recent published papers:

Below is part of an article by Duncan Steele:


“………A reason for making the current statement and publishing it here is this:

The ATSB and the other components of the official investigation team are reading these posts and comments, and reacting to them (see the current search region being criss-crossed by the Fugro Equator), although they will not say that publicly.

Therefore it is necessary, in my opinion, to make public any advances that we make which might aid the official search. …………..”


The material referred to in the Steel article have been collected together here and are listed below:

MH370 June 2014

The Location of MH370 by Dr. Bobby Ulich 2014.09.25

Addendum 1 (Dr. Bobby Ulich) 2014.09.28

MH370 Addendum 2 (Dr. Bobby Ulich)

MH370 Addendum 3 (Dr. Bobby Ulich)

New Paper by  Brock McKeon

MH370 – January 2015 Investigation of the Investigators

and this calls for the ATSB to get their act together:

atsb mh370


[whohit].mh370 atsb.[/whohit]

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