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Lockhart River – Shane Urquhart talks to ABC 612 in Brisbane

Lockhart River – Shane Urquhart talks to ABC 612 in Brisbane

Tonight Shane Urquhart spoke to ABC-612 Brisbane tonight. He has allowed us to post this voice record of the interview on Evenings with David Curnow 7:00pm

This is a very moving summary surrounding the Lockhart River crash.

Double click on the link below to listen [20-minutes in length]


Shane Urquhart talks about the Lockhart River tragedy on 7th May 2015 [3gpp format]


In mp3 format

Below is the ABC 1900 recording of the interview


Evenings with David Curnow

7:00pm – 9:00pm

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Ten years since the Lockhart River plane crash

06 May 2015 , 9:37 PM by Annie Reuss | Comments (0)

This weeks marks 10 years since one of Queensland’s worst air disasters.. and the worst in Australia since the 1960s.

A small passenger plane flying from the tip of Cape York to Cairns … and was carrying a wide range of passengers along with two pilots.

All fifteen people on board were killed when it hit the side of a hill near Lockhart River.

It was a shocking accident and led to a number of changes to not only small airlines but even the body that oversees aviation in Australia.

One of those who died was 28 year old police Constable Sally Urquhart.  Her father Shane became a very public face of the families of the victims and he spoke to David Curnow.

ABC recording of interview

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