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Kharon has new site – pprune romance over!!

Kharon has new site – pprune romance over!!

The pprune romance seems to have ended for Kharon – quite a few stories abound about posts being removed, threads being “locked” with no good reason or no-reason given by pprune.

Some of the “Kharon pprune posts are on this site.

The removal of threads and posts has been an on-going issue for a number of posters and it seems when the heat and blow-torch is right on the regulator or the investigator, that the moderators fold up and remove threads and/or posts.

At times, the posts are made in such a way that the substance of the underlying argument is clearly diverted.

Posting by Governmant individuals:

Based on research that I have undertaken, it shows high level members of Government instrumentialities, posting in both their own name or/ under a nom-de-plume on pprune. The classic occurs when the individual starts arguing against what the “other” has already said.

Misuse of moderator status:

The misuse of pprune moderator status by a number of people is at fault here, where there is self interest or protection being run for an individual or individuals. One always expects self-interest in these types of fora, but it has surprised me as to the depth of interference on pprune.

Examples of the problem:

A classic that I researched was the “Cairn’s to Canberra Anti-corruption Caravan” [against casa]”.

In this case, the original pprune thread [Mark 1], had nearly 9,000 views in 10 days, a very large interest from a thread that started with no-notice on 8th October 2014. The detractors, a big range of at best what could be called – CASA supporters, then had the thread removed, not locked as was the case with Mark 2.

There were a number of people who “outed themselves” and their pprune identities. These people are well known as people who have been given “..inside runs..”, been employed by CASA or have damaged the base of aviation in the past.

Serious new information was gained by the caravan in it’s travels.

From the reports in at the time, the caravan achieved it’s aims, and the first time an event like this has been undertaken on a private basis. It certainly shows what can be done.

One of the caravan participants told the author that the Lockhart River issue does not appear to be resolved and new information has been discovered.

When this was posted on the pprune site, the usual suspects rolled in including an individual who allegedly was involved in the cover-up and the “posting moderators”. There were two pprune moderators who conspired to  stop what was a very effective operation to expose the corruption.

Would be interesting to see who was putting pressure on these individuals to make the posts and to remove [CCACCAC]

The current situation with the locking of a series of threads, which have had serious interest, that look at the ASRR, Senate matters and the threads have had almost 1, 500, 000 reads since their commencement. [See below]

Effect on freedom of speech:

The real issue here is the effect on freedom of speech and cosidering ATSB Chief – Martin Dolan wrote to the Senate, saying “…I will answer all questions, …not those from tenditious bloggers….”.

Well Mr. Dolan, those bloggers seem to have got away on you to the point that serious questions are being asked as to why you closed up the TOR’s [Terms of Reference] to stop full research into the #PelAir matter by the Canadian TSB.

Despite the narrow TOR’s, the Canadians certainly reviewed and did not give the ATSB a clean bill of health. Cover-ups don’t seem to work for Mr. Dolan, as Karen Casey, the seriously injured #PelAir flight nurse discovered when the FOI was issued on CASA and found that CASA [Chamber’s report] had been with held from the ATSB, which is an offence under the Transport Safety Investigation Act.

CASA are still trying to patch this little problem up and avoid more scrutiny from the Australian Senate. The October Senate estimates were revealing in theat the Senator’s are still working at this matter.


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1. Senate Thread has had 2,638 posts and 715, 956 views [Started 7th October 2010]


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Merged: Senate Inquiry

All,The industry meetings and work undertaken bymanyindividuals and organisations, including the unions and Senator Xenophon, have been successful in winning a Senate Inquiry.Don’t waste this rare opportunity to have a say in the legislative process of the Australian Aviation Industry.Put (constructive) pen to paperandsubmit your thoughts by 28Octoberin accordance with the instructions below.Submissionsmay be made in-confidence by attaching a covering letter outlining the reason/s for requested anonymity.IMHO, failuretomake a submission to this critical inquiry is bordering on professional negligence…and it certainly means an individual has no grounds for further whining on PPRuNe.Lets allparticipate and keep the momentum going!Cheers,PG

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3. Original Senate Thread had 2,390 posts and 607, 845 views [started 3rd Nov 2011]


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Senate Inquiry, Hearing Program 4th Nov 2011

Rural Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee (Air Navigation and Civil Aviation Amendment (Aircraft Crew) Bill 2011 – Qantas Sale Amendment (Still Call Australia Home) Bill 2011) (HMS 12)Friday, 4 November 2011 9:00 AM – 4:00 PMCanberraLive Webcast: http://webcast.aph.gov.au/livebroadc…ventid=2236609HearingProgram0900 Qantas Group. Alan Joyce &BruceBuchanan1030VirginAustralia1130TWU.TonySheldon1215ALAEA.StephenPurvinas & PeterSomerville1400AIPA. Barry Jackson, Richard Woodward, DickMacKerras1445 Ms Monique Neeteson-Lemkes. Jetstar Cabin Crew

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