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Jennifer Marohasy and her views on BOM changes to temperature records

Jennifer Marohasy and her views on BOM changes to temperature records are documented and showing that these are unjustified.

Her post in full is below, plus a direct link to her web site.

This certainly,  in the days of “global warming” shows the degree to which the official keeper of climate records made well have attempted to “gild the lily”.

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology takes a revisionist approach to history, changing the historical temperature record so that it accords with the theory of anthropogenic global warming. This process of homogenisation is explained in ‘Modelling Australian and global temperatures: what’s wrong? Bourke and Amberley as case studies’, recently presented at a meeting of the Sydney Institute by Jennifer Marohasy, and published in Issue 26 of the Sydney Papers Online.

Stop Press. Recent articles from News Ltd regarding corruption of the raw temperature data for Australia:

August 23 – Bureau of Meteorology ‘altering climate figures’ &  Heat is on over weather bureau revising records (Graham Lloyd, The Australian).  August 26 – ‘Amateurs’ challenging Bureau of Meteorology climate figures (Graham Lloyd, The Australian). August 27 – Climate records contradict Bureau of Meteorology (Graham Lloyd, The Australian). August 29 – Bureau of Meteorology told to be more transparent (Graham Lloyd, The Australian).  August 29 – Groupthink reigns in climate change research (Maurice Newman, The Australian).  August 30 – Weatherman’s records detail heat that ‘didn’t happen’ (Graham Lloyd, The Australian).  August 30 – Distorting the data on our changeable climate (Adelaide Advertiser, The Australian’s Chris Kenny). September 2 – Bureau of Meteorology defended over temperature records by climate scientists (Graham Lloyd, The Australian). September 3 – Heat off Bourke after Bureau of Meteorology revision (Graham Lloyd, The Australian). September 4 – ‘More time’ to find Rutherglen temperature record (Graham Lloyd, The Australian).  September 5 – Bureau of Meteorology ‘adding mistakes’ with data modelling (Graham Lloyd, The Australian)

Dr Marohasy has been published every fortnight by The Land newspaper, Fairfax Media Ltd, since April 2004.   Her The Land columns are available in the hard copy newspaper from all good news agencies around Australia.

If you are looking for scientific publications, best to click here.  Over recent years Dr Marohasy has been published in top climate science journals as well as British and Australian law journals.  Peer reviewed journals that have published Dr Marohasy over recent years include: Atmospheric Research, Advances in Atmospheric Research, Wetlands Ecology and Management, Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, Public Law Review and  Environmental Law and Management.

Dr Marohasy  recently presented at the Ninth International Conference on Climate Change in Las Vegas on ‘The Need for a New Paradigm, Including for Rainfall Forecasting’.

Dr Marohasy is sceptical of the consensus on anthropogenic global warming. In her opinion there is no unifying theory of climate and many drivers of climate change. But she doesn’t necessarily agree with everything sceptics have to say, and recently wrote ‘Three Facts Most Sceptics Don’t Seem to Understand’ to encourage skepticism of entrenched dogmas, while warning against opposition to new big ideas.

There is more to read by Dr Marohasy at The Myth and the Murray website.  Its all about the need to restore the Murray River’s estuary.

On Line Opinion, Australia’s e-journal of social and political debate, has published Dr Marohasy since 2003.  The following opinion article on a variety of subjects relating to management of the natural environment can be accessed here:

Slots in dyke walls, won’t fix mulloway fishery – 3/06/2014. When Ngurunderi walked across the Murray’s mouth – 7/02/2014.  No increase in warm nights or mild winters at Bathurst – 30/10/2013.  No increase in hot days at Bathurst – 28/10/2013.  Mulloway, not carp, belong in the Murray River’s estuary – 13/08/2013.  FOIA, government-funded climate science and hole-digging – 20/03/2013. Restoring the Murray River’s estuary – 26/03/2012. Great Barrier Reef ‘research’ – A litany of false claims – 10/10/2011.  Carbon tax nonsense – 6/05/2011. Snowy Hydro derivatives play submerges farmers – 17/02/2011.  Snowy Hydro tops up floods with environmental flow – 1/02/2011.  Water Plan will decimate Murrumbidgee frogs – 11/10/2010.  Add salt at the mouth to save the Murray – 6/10/2010.  The battle for the red gum forests – 1/09/2008. Saving the Coorong by restoring its native state – 14/08/2008.  Carbon rationing or freedom – 14/03/2008. John Howard, environmentalist – 24/12/2007.  Rachel Carson: too successful for her own legacy – 28/05/2007. Reef may benefit from global warming – 1/02/2007.  The campaign to stop mining – 15/11/2006.  Windmills are not a solution to this drought – 27/10/2006.  Environment lost in rush to build dams – 7/09/2006. Steve Irwin’s legacy to conservation – 5/09/2006. Democracy versus leadership in Poowoomba – 31/07/2006.  So rich, we can afford to keep ‘Saving the Murray River’ – 10/05/2006. Fat ducks equal fat cows – 18/04/2006.  Costly harvest of ignorant GM campaign – 16/12/2005.  Jared Diamond’s gated community of the mind – 4/11/2005. Let’s eat kangaroo – 23/09/2005. Greenpeace anti-GM campaign doomed- 15/08/2005. No science and no respect in Australia’s anti-whaling campaign – 7/07/2005.  Save the forests: Support evidence-based environmentalism – 6/06/2005. Drip-fed figures – 31/05/2005.  So now Kyoto is a reality, will it get cooler? – 16/02/2005. Beware of doomsday forecasts – 4/01/2005.  The ABS’s environmental statistics reporting fails the basic test of rigour – 29/03/2004.  Beware: everyone in the environment debate has an interest to protect – 13/02/2004.  Received evidence for deterioration in water quality in the River Murray – 20/08/2003.

The photograph that features in the top banner was taken by Dr Marohasy when she visited the famous Blue Gum Forest in the Grose Valley, Blue Mountains, Australia, on 3 February 2008. Contrary to media reporting, the forest had survived the back burning of a year earlier.

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