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Jeff Griffith from the US talks to GA in Australia about air traffic issues

Jeff Griffith from the US talks to GA in Australia about air traffic issues

Jeff has been brought to Australia to expose the serious issues surrounding airspace and the negative impacts that have been foisted on Australian aviation by #ASA and #CASA.

The meeting was quite well attended, although at very short notice. Jeff’s CV is extensive and he has been in Australia before, attempting to harmonise rules regarding airspace to be more open and useful.

Considerable pressure has been brought on #ASA [Airservices] to rectify this situation and there has been resistance from many including the union [CivilAir].

The actions of #CASA are evident as well.


Aminta Hennessy: I have been asked to pass this on to all as I have an extensive distribution list.

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An important message from AOPA Australia …
To learn about the US Airspace System and how it works for General Aviation
Dear Members,You are invited to attend a talk which will be given by Jeff Griffith the retired Deputy Director in charge of Air Traffic Control at the FAA in relation to the US airspace system and how it works for General Aviation.Below is the CV for Jeff Griffith.There is no charge, all aviators are welcomeVenue: Bankstown Airport Terminal Building

Date: 07 July 2015

Time: 3pm

Duration: Approx 1 – 2 hrs

Cost: Nil


Aaron Stephenson


Jeff GriffithMr. Griffith is Executive Vice President for The Washington Consulting Group, Inc. (WCG). Most recent accomplishments include establishing civilian air traffic control services in Iraq under contract to the U.S. Department of Defense, evaluation of the Air Navigation Plan for Colombia, and development ofprocedures for expansion of Beijing International Airport including the environmental study. Mr. Griffith has more than 36 years experience in the Federal Sector in the development and management ofoperational systems for air transportation. He retired from the Federal Aviation Administration as Deputy Director of Air Traffic. In thatposition, Mr. Griffith was a Senior Executive responsible for Air Traffic Management for the United States National Airspace System. As co-chair of theRTCA Free Flight Select Committee, he worked with industry representatives in developing the Government/Industry Operational Concept for the United States. The Operational Conceptwas developedin consultation withEUROCONTROL to insure global harmonization in air traffic management. Mr. Griffith also served as a member of theRTCA Program Management Committee where Minimum Operational Performance Standards (MOPS), Minimum Aviation System Performance Standards (MASPS) and Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS)were reviewed, and commented on, from United States andEUROCONTROL Workgroups for harmonizationin the development of future communications, navigation and surveillance technology. Mr. Griffith has served as the United States Representative to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) meetings and supported the ICAO Air Traffic Management Operational Concept Panelin development of the Global Air Traffic Management Operational Concept. He provided oversight to an international staff that attended meetings and supported other countries in the ICAO Regions and the Head Office in Montreal. Mr. Griffith was one of several Senior Executives that met twice a year with the Director General ofEUROCONTROL and his staff to workin the development of Air Traffic Management between the United States and Europe and to seek global harmonization with other countries.Mr. Griffith brings toWCG expertise in the areas of:- Air Traffic Management operations, procedures and environmental impact solutions
– Air Traffic Management regulations, policy and standards
– Air Traffic Management history and lessons learned
– Airport and air carrier operations
– Global aviation stakeholder community
– Executive Leadership and Management of Government agency programs
– Evaluation of Government agency programs
– Program management
– System management
– Air Traffic Control Training Development and Instruction
Mr. Griffith has become recognized and respected as an expert in air traffic management throughout his career. As FAA Program Director for Air Traffic Operations, he was responsible for the daily operation of more than 500 operational air traffic control facilities in the United States. This included the Air Traffic Control System Command
Center that worked on areal time basis with system usersto address strategic and tactical decisions on managing the nation’s flow of aircraft that exceeded 60,000 daily flights; where at any given time more than 5,000 aircraftwere being handled by air traffic controllers.As a field manager at FAA, Mr. Griffith served in various facility and regional management positions with increasing levels of responsibility. All assignments were in high density air traffic operational environments. Positions included Southern Regional Office Specialist; Assistant Manager Plans and Procedures, Atlanta Tower; Assistant Air Traffic Manager, Tampa Tower; Air Traffic Manager Minneapolis Tower; Air Traffic Manager Chicago O’Hare Tower and TRACON; and Manager System Management Branch and Assistant Manager for the Air Traffic Division in the Great Lakes Region. Special projects included establishment of an air traffic control facility for Instrument operations in Grenada after the military interdiction; airspace analysis work in Central America and Australia and serving on the Administrator’s Task Force for enhancement of Class B Airspace as a result of a mid air collision over Cerritos, California. He also, worked as a faculty member at the Georgia Institute of technology lecturing on the subject of Airport Noise Control and Land Use Compatibility.

Relevant Training, Certification, and Awards

– United States Air Force Commendation Medal for service in Vietnam
– Air Traffic Control Association Clifford Burton Memorial Award
– Aircraft Owner’s and Pilot’s Association Special Citation
– Aviation Week and Space Technology Laurels Award
– RTCA Chairman’s Award
– United States Secret Service Certificate of Appreciation for Superior Contributions to Law Enforcement
– North American Air Defense Command recognition for Operation Noble Eagle
– National Facility of the Year Award as Manager of O’Hare Tower/TRACON and Minneapolis Tower/TRACON
– DOT Secretary’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in Equal Employment Opportunity
– FAA Administrator’s Special Achievement Award for Model Work Environment
– National Black Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees EEO Manager Award
– National Hispanic Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees Presidential Award
– U.S. Air Force Air Traffic Control Technical School
– Federal Aviation Administration Executive School
– Office of Personnel Management Executive School
– United States Air Force Special Operations School


Air Traffic Control Association, Six Years (Maximum) Board of Directors and Secretary
Civil Air Navigation Services Organization
Volunteer, Good News Jail and Prison Ministry
Volunteer, International Rescue Committee

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