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Jeff Boyd, #casa Board chair points to way forward

Jeff Boyd, #casa Board chair points to way forward

On Friday 4th September, Jeff Boyd presented a “warts and all” way forward to FNQ aviation interests in Cairns QLD. This was an interesting insight into the #casa Board’s future for aviation.

Mr. Boyd was one of a number of speakers supporting a seminar sponsored by the Cairns Chamber of Commerce, Cairns Airport and the Cairns Aviation Skills Centre.

casa - boydMr. Boyd determined to leave a good legacy for the future by having good representation for the aviation industry  on the #casa Board, including GFA’s Anita Taylor.

He pointed to the the 2013 Forsyth review of aviation in Australia [ASRR] and said “We are taking the entire report as a basis (for changes) that the Minister, Mr. Truss requires the recommendations to be implemented”.

This is an important way forward for aviation and Mr. Boyd said “The introduction of a “stakeholder manager” will see improved strategies for engagement of the regulator (#casa) with the aviation industry.”

The review of training regulations [part 61], which have caused serious stress on the flight training are to be reviewed immediately and the insurance indemnity for ATO’s (Authorised testing Officers) will be re-introduced. This will help in increasing the availability of testing personnel for aviation flying licences.

Mr. Boyd said “It is essential that the industry has workable regulations”.

When asked on the number of pilots [pilots with current medicals], he was told that these were less than 20,000 in 2014. This demonstrates the real need for progress to be made by the #casa Board in having #casa being a pro-active  regulator, rather than as perceived by the aviation industry, a reactive and slow to respond regulator.

Mr. Boyd concluded in saying “We (as a Board and regulator), have to look outwardly much more than in the past”. “We must be a more open, more collaborative and a partner in (aviation) safety”.

CASA Board – Board role

The CASA Board is appointed by the Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development.

The Board is responsible for deciding the objectives, strategies and policies to be followed by CASA and for ensuring that CASA performs its functions in a proper, efficient and effective manner.

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