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Jackaroo – 4JX1

A new blog site, started on 1st January 2016, is at 4JX1 Jackaroo – Specialist site.

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I have had Jackaroo’s [Izuzu Trooper] since 1982, having recently upgraded to a 2000 – 4JX1 diesel version, which was only 2.2 l in 1984 when I bought my petrol version and unable to pull-off the skin of a curdly custard!!

The 4JX1 is a huge improvement and although it has not had the support from Holden in Australia, is well worth persevering with and educating yourself and your mechanic.

I have been amazed at the attitudes towards the vehicles, which largely, with some good routine maintenance, and attention to specific areas and replacement timings, together with a rigid inspection routine, I believe will go for 400 to 500K.

The important ones for the engine are:

  • Good oil – 5W – 30 eg. Penrite;
  • Filter – major at 5000km, secondary at 10,000km with quality filters;
  • O-rings in injector sleeves, injectors at 4 years and < 100,000km;
  • Timing belt – < 100,000km

Anyway, there in more information on the 4JX1 engine in the attached articles.