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Is there any hope for a good AVMED assessment??

Is there any hope for a good AVMED assessment??

Navarthe has gone from AVMED and the ridiculously expensive AAT CVD case has been lost, together with the reversal of a series of AVMED – Navarthe decisions. There is a call for all those who have been affected to give their case. This continued with Dr. Arthur Pape making a direct submission to CEO Skidmore.

“The safety case for CASA’s overall  aviation medical examination regime has not been made.
The history of RAAus with a less rigorous GP medicals does not reveal any lowering of safety by inflight incapacity any more than a rigorous medical regime for car drivers would make our roads safer. 
In other words the rationale, and cost benefit analysis, for a special, expensive and restrictive aviation medical regime cannot be shown therefore you as applicant should be given the benefit of what is legally allowable.”