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Is CASA responding to critisism because of the ASRR??

The following is from the latest McCormick missive, in which he try’s to justify CASA as a “leading body…”.

CASA experts are eagerly pursued to participate in ICAO’s development of global rules for aviation safety.

The AVMED debacle is also covered, as CASA desperately tries to claw back it’s lost ground.

The online payment receipt should be attached to the medical application for the DAME to send to CASA or a copy of the receipt should be emailed to CASA. Medical payments can still be processed manually by giving the payment form to the DAME or by sending it directly to CASA by fax or email.

When submitting the fee manually it can be paid by credit card, cheque or money order.

CASA is also now emailing finalised medical certificates to pilots to avoid postal delays. Applications need to include an email address and a consent form has to be signed.

New emailed medical certificates take the place of the previously posted certificates and are watermarked to ensure authenticity.

By the way, e-mail hs been available since 1996!!


The following article by long time pilot Tony Taggart, which details issues he [and others] have found with AVMED.



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