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Is #casa listening?? Another #casa seminar wasted!!

At a recent Aviation Seminar, which was conducted at Mareeba, it is reported that the #casa presenter refused to let certain aviators attend the evening.

These evenings are the only contact that are made in a relatively informal fashion with the industry.

It is essential that the relevant and often repressed questions are allowed and can be made in what should be an open forum.

At the Mareeba “forum”, the rules were set out as follows:

The seminar will cover a variety of topics with the main theme for this series being ‘Avoiding flight in low visibility’ and ‘the dangers of unplanned or unapproved low flying’.

By using case studies from ATSB investigations, our Aviation Safety Advisors will help seminar attendees extract crucial lessons to assist in making better flying decisions.

As well as the main theme, this round of seminars will also provide an update on the Regulatory Reform process, a reminder of the correct procedures to use at Non Controlled Aerodromes, and a refresher on the pilot’s responsibilities with respect to checking and completing a maintenance release.

The seminars are an opportunity for industry to interact with CASA, discuss local issues and ask questions of the regulator.

Aero clubs and other aviation organisations are welcome to run Aviation Safety Seminars with ASAs presenting, however CASA will not be financially supporting the events beyond reasonable operating costs.

Registration for AvSafety seminars is through the CASA Learning Management System, AviationWorx. Create your own account <http://www.casa.gov.au/scripts/nc.dll?WCMS:STANDARD::pc=>. Attendance is free.

This is repression of free speech in the extreme by the regulator [#casa] and it’s attempt to run rough shod over the aviation industry.

That #casa puts these “AvSafety seminars” on in such a way that some I have been to when serious questions have been asked, the comment from the presenter is :

“……I have not been briefed on that, so I cannot answer the question….”,


“….that matter is under review, you will need to write to #casa…”, to which the answer is “…..I have written, but #casa never answers….”


“….if I do ask, #casa will come for me….”

I give a further example of the following comments were made, but never published by The Australian editor.

[The source is a person with good connections to the aviation industry.]

The Editor: In today’s article by Steve Creedy [11th December 2015], about CASA,

Well Mr. Skidmore, I am amazed that you can say that you are listening to industry.

The aviation industry is angry at being ignored. The industry, in one of the best answered inquiries [David Forsyth’s ASRR] where there were over 260 individual submissions.

See these at:

http://vocasupport.com/asrr-and-current-public-submissions/ ,

http://vocasupport.com/sample-page/election/regulatory-review-2013/asrr-submissions/ ]

There have been numerous follow ups by industry bodies including AMROBA, AOPA, RAAA, AHIA, AAAA and others, which have been less than positive in their critique of how #casa has gone about the implementation of new regulations and the overall #casa response to the #ASRR.

The AHIA has advised members to refuse to participate with #casa in Parts 141, 142 and 143.

The classic is Part 61, which cannot be complied with and exceeds 2000 pages in length.

The entire FAA regulation suite is under 500-pages. perhaps the importation and purchase of these regulations is a viable option or the NZ-regulation set. AFAP has been extremely strident in their opposition to Part-61, which increases cost and complexity of compliance.

#casa tells us that in 2014-2015 that another loss was incurred in it’s operating budget.

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