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Is Carmody on the “nose” – Senator O’Sullivan is of that view

Great work Hitch, showing where GA can be headed in the future. However, we must all be vigilant the the new DAS/ #casa CEO is not a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

There is serious history when Carmody was in #casa before and the Senate estimates show a disparate person.

If you listen carefully to Senator O’Sullivan and his view of Carmody and #casa, you will come to a view that #casa is on the nose.



And if you want an example of the standard of some of the work coming from CASA, I present to you Airworthiness Directive AD/GENERAL/87. To put it in the simplest terms, this AD told aircraft owners to throw out any control cables older than 15 years. So that means any aircraft built after 2002 was in the gun.

In a GA perspective 15 years is still a new aeroplane! Someone in CASA has revised the requirement to “inspect and throw out if damaged”, which is probably what the original AD should have said. Of course, many aircraft owners would have already complied and junked perfectly good cables in the process, and now AOPA Australia wants to measure exactly how many were replaced and what condition they were in.

The idea is to gauge the depth of the impact crater this AD had on GA, and compile a report. If the report shows a smoking hole in the operating costs of aircraft owners, you can bet it will be used as waddy to beat CASA with.

Speaking of AOPA, they’re also spreading their wings further and seeking people to represent them on the various Regional Airspace and Procedures Advisory Committees (RAPAC) around Australia.

RAPACs convene on a regular basis to discuss regional issues concerning the way we use the airspace and provide recommendations and feedback to CASA. RAPACs mostly work under the radar, but occasionally will get involved with more high-profile issues such as the low-level frequency debate that has been going on for over a year. It’s voluntary work, but you’ll get involved with some very important work. If you’re up for it, contact Ben Morgan at AOPA ben.morgan@aopa.com.au

May your gauges always be in the green,


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