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In a recent post, there is a ranking that #casa should remember. It is a post on 28 March, 2015 · by · in Cabin Crew, Leadership, News, QF32 Story, Security, Training.

Produced here with thanks and a serious reminder as to how safe air travel is compared to other activities.

Unfortunately no data for GA charter in Australia or the US.


Ranking Dangerous Activities

The “Micro Mortality” or uMort is a measure of risk.   Ronald A. Howard defined the uMort as a one in a millionth chance of death. 

Coral on the

Each of the following activities increases your risk of death by 1 uMort:

  • 1/430 th of a base jump
  • 1/7 th of a parachute jump,
  • each 2.1 feet of a 26,000′ mountain climb,
  • 18 hours of human life,
  • 1 horse ride,
  • 2 ecstasy tablets,
  • 6 miles (10 km) by motorbike,
  • 10 miles (18 km) by bicycle,
  • 12 miles (19 km) by private aircraft,
  • 17 miles (27 km) by walking,
  • 230 miles (370 km) by car,
  • 666 roller coaster rides,
  • 6,000 miles (9,656 km) by train, or
  • 9,300 miles (14,880 km) by commercial jet aircraft (RDC calculated for EOY 2014)

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