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is #atsb reporting all the airspace data from Tasmania??

is #atsb reporting all the airspace data from Tasmania??

A quick search of the database from #atsb, shows that there were only 5 airspace matters reported in the past 5-years from Tasmania.

The search was based on:

  • Date range: From 25 Jul 2010 to 24 Jul 2015
  • Location: TAS
  • Occurrence Category: Incident, Serious Incident
  • Occurrence Type: Separation issue, Airspace infringement
  • Aircraft and Airspace: All
  • Injury Level: All

None of these was reported on by #atsb, so obviously #atsb do not regard these as important, yet the Australian report says there were 90 failures in the TASWAM system.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau’s online database shows more than 90 failures in the TASWAM system between its introduction in mid-2010 and May 2013. Although no failures appear since then, Airservices Australia suggested yesterday this was likely to be because of an administrative problem and that more failures were likely to be occurring.

Perhaps there is a MOU in a similar form to #casa, that “….prevents….” proper reporting by #asa, the organisation given a licence by #casa to provide “safe” airspace for the travelling public and others that need access to airspace, such as the GA community.




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