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Interest in the Senate Inquiries – the score – 1, 557, 381 views and 6, 364 posts

Interest in the Senate Inquiries – the score – 1, 557, 381 views and 6, 364 posts
Published: 28th December 2014

The Senate AAI hearings, operating under the RRAT Committee, with the following who are members [see below], include Senators Glenn Sterle, Bill Heffernan, Nick Xenophon, Fiona Nash.

The current interest, in people who are seeking up-to-date commentary, despite the comment by Martin Dolan, that he will answer questions from all “…….except tenditious bloggers…..”, shows the depth of the interest and why the interest has not waned at all.

The PelAir inquiry, which has had serious doubts raiesed about it from late 2011, through until the September ABC- Four Corners programme, in September 2012.

Then the Xenophon led 2012 inquiry, with the report in May 2013.

Albanese dodged a bullet with the report, leaving the mess for Truss to “clean-up”, provided he has the ticker for the task. So far, the Department, through Mike Mrdak have been running serious interference, by slowing down the time-line and the process.

The aviation community has seen this happen and is aware of the need to be relentless in making the process continue, until the proper and unadulterated results are implemented. The way CASA, for example with Part 61, will continue to directly attack the industry, is deplorable. It is up to new CEO and the Board to put a stop to this immediately.

In pprune, there has been continuing high quality comment on the progress and in many cases, the comment has preceeded the questions, particularly in relation to the Senate estimates, with the 20th October 2014 being of particular interest.

Internationally, there has been substantial interest as well (Senate-Estimates-RRAT-Committee-20-October-2014 for example), particularly with the MH370 search and the placement of ATSB in the search, which has been seriously questioned by the Senate thread posters.

The following threads have had huge interest, considering that the GA/ RPT pilot community is less than 20,000 pilots. From these, there have been a total of 6,364 posts and over 1, 557, 381 views of the posts, approaching 30, 000 views per week and up to 50,000 views. There is a total of 1, 557, 381 views and 6, 364 posts for the three threads. As a comparison, the MH17 downing, attracted 1, 673,298 views and 1513 posts.

It can be concluded that the matters being raised in Australia in the Senate and the subsequent ASRR investigation are of extreme relevance and not just matters raised by “tenditious bloggers”, with, by association, little relevance to aviation.

The direction by the Minister [Truss] and the continual pressure on his office by numerous MP’s has been relentless. The aviation community wants change implemented, which must be such to allow the aviation community to be a vibrant and leading part of the Australian economy.

1. Senate Thread has had 2,638 posts and 715, 956 views [Started 7th October 2010]


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Merged: Senate Inquiry

All,The industry meetings and work undertaken by many individuals and organisations, including the unions and Senator Xenophon, have been successful in winning a Senate Inquiry.Don’t waste this rare opportunity to have a say in the legislative process of the Australian Aviation Industry.Put (constructive) pen to paper and submit your thoughts by 28 October in accordance with the instructions below. Submissions may be made in-confidence by attaching a covering letter outlining the reason/s for requested anonymity.IMHO, failure to make a submission to this critical inquiry is bordering on professional negligence…and it certainly means an individual has no grounds for further whining on PPRuNe.Lets all participate and keep the momentum going!



2. Truss thread has had 1,736 posts and 233,580 views [started 14th Nov 2013]


3. Original Senate Thread had 2,390 posts and 607, 845 views [started 3rd Nov 2011]


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Senate Inquiry, Hearing Program 4th Nov 2011

Rural Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee (Air Navigation and Civil Aviation Amendment (Aircraft Crew) Bill 2011 – Qantas Sale Amendment (Still Call Australia Home) Bill 2011) (HMS 12)Friday, 4 November 2011 9:00 AM – 4:00 PMCanberraLive Webcast: http://webcast.aph.gov.au/livebroadc…ventid=2236609Hearing Program0900 Qantas Group. Alan Joyce & Bruce Buchanan

1030 Virgin Australia

1130 TWU. Tony Sheldon

1215 ALAEA. Stephen Purvinas & Peter Somerville

1400 AIPA. Barry Jackson, Richard Woodward, Dick MacKerras

1445 Ms Monique Neeteson-Lemkes. Jetstar Cabin Crew

1530 Dept of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations

1615 CASA

Ichiban is offline Report Post

There have been attempts by some ppruner’s to shut down the commentary on the progress of the Senate investigations [ultimately common sense has prevailed]. In other threads, such as the “…caravan to Canberra…”, when the commentary really takes it to the source of the problems, threads have disappeared or been locked.

RRAT – Committee Members

Participating Members

Senators Chris Back, Cory Bernardi, Catryna Bilyk, Carol Brown, David Bushby, Doug Cameron, Matthew Canavan, Kim Carr, Jacinta Collins, Stephen Conroy, Sam Dastyari, Richard Di Natale, Sean Edwards, John Faulkner, David Fawcett, Alex Gallacher, Sarah Hanson-Young, Chris Ketter, Jacqui Lambie, Glenn Lazarus, David Leyonhjelm, Scott Ludlam, Joseph Ludwig, Kate Lundy, Ian Macdonald, John Madigan, Gavin Marshall, Anne McEwen, James McGrath, Bridget McKenzie, Jan McLucas, Christine Milne, Claire Moore, Ricky Muir, Deborah O’Neill, Barry O’Sullivan, Nova Peris, Helen Polley, Linda Reynolds, Lee Rhiannon, Janet Rice, Anne Ruston, Zed Seselja, Rachel Siewert, Lisa Singh, Dean Smith, Anne Urquhart, Zhenya Wang, Larissa Waters, Penny Wong, Penny Wright, Nick Xenophon

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