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Ian Britza enters fray for by-election in New England

Ian Britza enters fray for by-election in New England against Barnaby Joyce.

Who is Ian Britza??

Ian spent time growing up in Western Australian and the African country of Malawi and moved to New South Wales at the age of 15 where he lived for 25 years.

Ian was until recently member for Morley in the Western Australian Parliament which he held for 8 years after winning the seat off Labor, he was acting speaker of the house for 6 years and he also served as a member of the Community Development & Justice Committee for four years and Deputy Chair for a further 2 years.


The most important part of this puzzle is the prime policy that Ian Britza takes with him and that is aviation. This will be front and centre in the by-election against Barnaby Joyce.

A time for #aviation.

New England candidate announces an investigation into CASA needed.

Australian Country Party candidate for New England Ian Britza, has today announced a policy statement calling for a full review into the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.Mr Britza said ‘Its just not on that so much red tape can be put in front of our aviation clubs and businesses. This could have a long term affect on general aviation in this Country, something needs to be done.”

Details of the statement are:

The Aviation industry is in serious decline because of unnecessary regulation. Australia is witnessing pilots and businesses exiting the industry in increasing numbers.

Because of this decline there will be serious consequences including employment and infrastructure losses, reducing aviation services in Australia. Allowing the decline to continue could see the end of aviation in Australia.

The Australian Country Party advocates for a full investigation and review of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) that would look at over-regulation, allegations of collusion and process stalling and management of the authority which is responsible for major failings in it’s policies and regulation of the aviation industry. Unnecessary policy and regulation are now crippling flying clubs and small businesses, evidenced with aircraft registrations down 53% and general aviation pilots down 34% in the last 10 years.

Flying clubs provide a starting point for people learning to fly and often the first step towards commercial flying, but over-regulation is forcing these clubs and airfields out of business where only multi-national companies would be able to sustain the increasing regulation requirements. This could eventually force all pilot training offshore.

Over regulation includes the following areas just to name a few:

1.Aviation Medical requirements

2. Air Operator Certificate regulation and compliance

3.Flight school regulation and compliance

4. Aircraft maintenance regulation and compliance

Adopting the United States or New Zealand approach is a step in the right direction.

For more information contact:Darren Cooper – Secretary
secretary@countryparty.org.au – 0498 781 243

Ian Britza – newengland@countryparty.org.au – 0405 111 228

Registered Political Party – Authorised by D Cooper, Secretary, Gillies St Maryborough, Victoria 3465

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