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Hudson Approach for Sullenberger and #PelAir

Not mine, but worth a repeat as the “Miracle on the Hudson” [#sully] demonstrated how first class work occurred.


This adulation was never repeated in the real work that Dominic James undertook in November 2009, when, at night, in open seas pitching above 3-metres he ditched and all “…swam away…” in the #PelAir ditching off Norfolk Island.

In Dominic’s case, it was 4 PAX + 2-crew = 6-survivors. Wait for 90 minutes and use a hand held torch waved in the direction of Norfolk Island and “HOPE” that you were seen.

Not all had life-jackets, but were supported by the nurse on board until rescue and the aircraft had sunk into the Pacific Ocean.

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2 comments to Hudson Approach for Sullenberger and #PelAir

  • Concerned Aviator

    The Australian 19th September 2016

    Fantastic recount Byron. You are correct about the #MH370 issues and the Dolan factor. The #pelair pilot was blamed for the 2009 [Hudson issue was in early 2009] Norfolk Island ditching. The patient has died, with likely a coroners report. The nurse is facing Court again in trying to get appropriate compensation.

    After a Senate inquiry, critical reports made about #pelar, by #casa were not made available to #atsb. And there is a new inquiry, when the CVR [Cockpit Voice Recorder] and FDR [Flight data Recorder] were recovered from the sea bed in 2015 by the #atsb.

    Remember from Sully, the #ntsb did not believe that the right engine had been impacted by birds [until it was recovered from the Hudson] and were saying the aircraft could have got to the airport. The pilots doing the simulation, to get to Teterboro, had 17 practices first!! To get to leGuardia, a landing was only possible IF the aircraft was not properly subjected to re-starts and an early start of the AFU.

    Great to see such a professional crew working as did the #pelair crew on that stormy November night in 2009, when all swam away to be rescued by a vigilant Norfolk Island boat, some 1 1/2 hours later from 3m swells.

    AND well done Clint Eastwood for your job. Love you to review #pelair.

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