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Hansard reports – Aviation and Related matters 18th November 2013

The following are the breakup of the matters discussed in the Senate hearing from Hansard:

and a compilation into the below by page:

General Department of Transport:    2
Civil Aviation Safety Authority    3
Barrier Aviation:    5
Colour Vision:    10
Part 145 [Engineering Services]:    12
Movement of CASA from Bankstown to the City:    15
FRMS – Fatigue Management Rules:    19
Loss of Separation Incidents + Military AirSpace:    21
Sky Sentinel:    24
Australian Transport Safety Bureau    27
Aviation and Airports Bankstown and Essendon:    29
Joint study on aviation capacity for the Sydney region    34
International panel to undertake a review into aviation safety regulations in Australia:    35
HOBART Airport:    38

1. CASA and Mr. Albanese


3. AirServices [ASA]

4. Office Transport Security;



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