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Goulburn Airport features in a risky advertisement

Goulburn Airport features in a risky advertisement

The latest Budget Direct advertisement, which shows a close encounter of the aviation kind demonstrates the lack of care of the operator.

casa -ferarra YGLB

Captain Risky’s Close Call – Budget Direct

John Ferrara, who gained control of the airport, despite a vocal local group of aviators who supported Goulburn Council retaining the airport after the Poidevin family vested ownership of the airport to Council in the 1930’s. Goulburn Council refused to honour the vested ownership and eventually sold the site to Ferrara and associated interested parties after 2011. 

Ferrara has used the site recently for the filming of an advertisement, which demonstrates serious bad flying and misuse of the airport’s main 04/26 runway from the southern approach.

Have a look at the Budget Direct advertisement and make up your own mind.


Compared to what John Quadrio faced:to:

1. A YouTube video made by a known criminal [“YouTube poster”] and up-loaded on/ about 6th October 2008 and as a basis for a casa prosecution for dangerous flying, facing 5 years in jail;

ExhibitE- YouTube Video – No audio

2. What is the relationship between the Investigator, the FOI and the Chief pilot??? And “YouTube poster”.

3. The  AAT exhibit video [E] that could not have been made on the alleged day;

4. From the Court and AAT evidence there appears to be at least three video versions of the event.

5. Pieces are missing from the video [“E”], used as the prime evidence [1:38 minutes long];

6. A description of the YouTube video has the final frame with a different ending than Video “E”;

7. The evidence shows four flights of birds, Video “E”, which would have been seen by a pilot and required “avoidance action”.


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