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Gong’s galore in Canberra

Gong’s galore in Canberra

The following goes to Mr. Carmody, of ca$a, the ceo for the past few years, after the loss of Skidmore and McCormick.
















From the “Gong”, you would assume Carmody was a top level public servant, but NO, Carmody is far from that.

Ask the #aviation industry.

Carmody carries on with bullying tactics, removes instituted and agreed changes [ASRR] and is not liked by the GA [General Aviation] sector, particularly regarding part 61 [licencing] and AVMED [aviation medicals]

Ask anyone who has been subject to an “investigation”. They will tell you that there is “verbaling”, improper accusations and vexatious litigation.

AND does Carmody deserve the “gong”??


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