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Former #casa staffer vindicates Richard Green

The Australian story yesterday [11th November 2015] has had the front corrected with comments by former #casa executive, Greg Vaughn.

That #casa would allow material to be published by The Australian, which are directly against normal practice of investigations into aircraft accidents and determined by Annex 13 of the #ICAO procedures, is alarming.

It goes to the dirty heart of a regulator who plays the man rather than deal with the basis of true facts. There are other examples where the man has been played and false information used to convict individuals. John Quadrio springs to mind as an example. There was evidence withheld in that case which would have exonerated John Quadrio.

The personal attack on Richard Green is nothing less than despicable.

We offer our heartfelt sympathy for Richard Green, his wife Carolyn, and their friend John Davis and their families in their time of greatest need.

RIP Richard, Carolyn and John.

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Crashed chopper pilot Richard Green ‘was no maverick’

Chopper pilot ‘no maverick’

Adventure photographer and helicopter pilot, Richard Green and wife Carolyn were killed in a helicopter crash. Source: Supplied

A former senior CASA executive has disputed suggestions that helicopter pilot and photographer Richard Green was a mav­erick and says a decision by him to use Araldite to repair damaged rotor blades was sanctioned by the manufacturer.

Former head of general aviation at the Civil Aviation Safety Authority Greg Vaughan was instrumental in giving Mr Green authorisation to maintain his ­Eurocopter EC135 helicopter and is familiar with the 2006 Cape York tree strike that initially drew the regulator’s attention.

“Richard wasn’t my kind of guy, he wasn’t the kind of guy you could warm to,’’ Mr Vaughan told The Australian.

“He was successful, and he knew what he wanted, but he was certainly not a maverick, nor a cowboy.’’

The 74-year-old pilot, his wife, Carolyn, 71, and documentary-maker John Davis, 72, died when the helicopter crashed in rugged NSW bushland near the Hunter Valley on Saturday.

Mr Green was considered to be an eccentric who believed he was being persecuted by CASA and had waged a decade-long war campaign against it.

His licence was suspended for six months in 2013 after he clipped powerlines and was ­accused by the regulator of flying dangerously close to other aircraft.

Mr Vaughan had left CASA by the time Mr Green’s licence was suspended but he said the former physicist had gone to great lengths to take courses at Eurocopter and learn how to maintain his machine.

“Regardless of how it sounds in the press that this guy was a maverick, he was doing everything and getting the best advice he could and following the manufacturer’s instructions,’’ Mr Vaughan said.

The former CASA executive said Mr Green came to his attention after the tree strike, where he had used a kit put together on the advice of Eurocopter to repair the damage.

He said the advice had come from the chief engineer and designer at Eurocopter and was “as close to the fountain as you can get’’.

The aircraft was flown to Cairns, where Mr Green rang Euro­copter, and was given the go-ahead to fly to Sydney. His omission had been failing to ­inform CASA at the time.

“Here’s the farce behind this,’’ Mr Vaughan said. “He gets back to Sydney, he takes off the rotor blades he repaired, he sent them to the factory and factory left his temporary repairs in place and just went over the top (of them).’’

Eurocopter declined to comment on the crash last night, citing the fact that an investigation was under way. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau is investigating the crash.

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