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FAA and #casa use of the AC [Advisory Circular] process

Question is: Do Advisory Circulars improve knowledge or are these documents being used by #casa to “bash GA” as another tool for this purpose.

The easy comparison is the indexing system used by the #FAA, which starts at the Parts [see below, after you scroll through the #casa example], then directs [as a good index system should] to the relevant AC’s.

In the #casa system, all the AC’s are listed [you can do a search] together with no reference to the Parts at all [see below]. This is, again despite Australia moving towards this system!!

A slow and laborious process.

Let’s use an example – ADSB

Both #casa and #FAA have a single entry.

#FAA – ADSB – AC_90-114A_

#casa ADSB AC-021c45

The #casa version comes in at 33 pages and it’s references [current version – June 2015] lists a cancelled #FAA AC 90-114, with no indication of the replacement [90-114A – Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast Operations with Change 1 Date Issued October 28, 2014]

The #FAA AC, is at 47 pages, but which show how the system works, rather than what #casa provides which is a separate micro-management version.

Let’s use a simple comparison of the US-FAA Ac for:

and the #casa AC for a similar purpose.

Definitions first:

#FAA –Advisory circular (AC) refers to a type of publication offered by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to provide guidance for compliance with airworthiness regulations. They define acceptable means, but not the only means, of accomplishing or showing compliance with airworthiness regulations.


#casa – Advisory Circulars (ACs) provide advice and guidance to explain particular regulatory requirements of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 (CASR) or associated Manual of Standards (MOS).

An AC should always be read in conjunction with the referring regulations. It should still be read as guidance material even if referred to in a ‘Note’ below the regulation.

A full list of the #casa current AC’s are below:


Number Subject Date
AC 60-1(0) Flight Simulator Evaluations April 2003
AC 60-02 v2.2 Flight simulator approvals March 2016
AC 60-3(0) Validation Tests – Guidance Material April 2003
AC 60-4(0) Flight Training Devices April 2003
AC 61-05 v1.0 Night VFR rating April 2016
AC 92A-01(0) The consignment and carriage of dangerous goods on all aircraft in Australian territory and on Australian aircraft overseas: An overview of the legislative framework and procedures March 2011
AC 92-1(1) Dangerous Goods Training for Employees August 2009
AC 92-2(0) Dangerous Goods Manuals December 2003
AC 92-3(0) Dangerous Goods Training Courses and Instructors August 2009
AC 92-4(0) Applications for permission to carry or consign dangerous goods under Section 23 of the Civil Aviation Act 1988 March 2010
AC 92-5(0) Use of Compressed Oxygen: Carriage and Consignment of Live Aquatic Animals for Transport by Air May 2011
AC 92-7(0) Applications for competent authority approval: Radioactive material February 2013
AC 101-01 v2.0 Remotely piloted aircraft systems – licensing and operations December 2016
AC 101-2(0) Unmanned aircraft and rockets – rockets July 2002
AC 101-3(0) Unmanned aircraft and rockets – model aircraft July 2002
AC 101-05 v1.0 Functions and duties of RPAS maintenance controllers September 2016
AC 101-10 v1.2 Remotely piloted aircraft systems – operation of excluded RPA (other than model aircraft) September 2016
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Aircraft Registration & Marking

Number Subject Date
AC 45-01(2.1) Nationality and Registration Marks March 2015
AC 47-1(3) Registration of aircraft and related matters October 2009
AC 47-02 v1.0 Convention on international interests in mobile equipment May 2016
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Note:  Advisory guidance on specific aircraft, aircraft systems and maintenance techniques can be found in the Airworthiness Bulletins (AWB)

Number Subject Date
AC 20-01 v1.0 Software configuration management September 2016
AC 20-02 v1.0 Recognised countries and international agreements July 2016
AC 20-03 v1.0 Identification and management of aeronautical products March 2016
AC 21-1(1) Aircraft Airworthiness Certification Categories and Designations Explained December 2000
AC 21-2(1) Standard Certificates of Airworthiness November 2010
AC 21-3(1) Special Certificates of Airworthiness – Overview November 2010
AC 21-4(2) Amateur-Built Experimental Aircraft – Certification September 2000
AC 21-5(0) Limited Category Aircraft – Certification November 1998
AC 21-6(0) Restricted Category Aircraft – Certification October 1998
AC 21-7(0) Primary Category Aircraft – Certification June 2000
AC 21-08 v1.0 Approval of modification and repair designs under Subpart 21.M February 2015
AC 21-09(2)
Form 725
Special Flight Permits March 2009
AC 21-10(2.1) Experimental Certificates January 2016
AC 21-11(1) Amateur-Built (ABAA) Aircraft – Certification September 2000
AC 21-12 v1.0 Classification of design changes March 2015
AC 21-13(0) Australian-Designed Aircraft – Type Certification September 1999
AC 21-14 v4.0 Production Certificates June 2014
AC 21-15 v3.0 Supplemental Type Certificates – Certification March 2015
AC 21-16(0) Approval of Materials, Parts, Processes and Appliances September 1999
AC 21-17(0) Export Airworthiness Approvals April 1999
AC 21-18 v1.0 Design and maintenance of containers: transportation of live aquatic animals using compressed oxygen or compressed air May 2015
AC 21-19 v1.0 Aircraft modification – flight test considerations May 2015
AC 21-20(0) Production Under Type Certificate Only September 1999
AC 21-21 v1.0 Aircraft production – flight test considerations May 2015
AC 21-22(0) Approval of Imported Engines, Propellers, Materials, Parts and Appliances September 1999
AC 21-24 v1.0 Flight recorder and underwater locating device maintenance May 2015
AC 21-25(3) Limited Category Aircraft – Permit Index July 2012
AC 21-27 v2.0 Manufacturing Approval – Overview August 2016
AC 21-28 v1.0 Permissible unserviceabilities – unrepaired defects (r. 21.007) January 2015
AC 21-29(0) Commercial Assistance During Construction of Amateur-Built Experimental Aircraft and Amateur-Built (ABAA) Aircraft June 2000
AC 21-30(2) Type Acceptance Certificates for Imported Aircraft March 2009
AC 21-31(0) Type Certificates for Imported Aircraft December 1998
AC 21-33(0) Delivery of Aircraft to Australia September 1999
AC 21-35(1.1) Calibration – Inspection and test equipment August 2015
AC 21-36 v2.2 Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Equipment: Airworthiness Guidelines November 2014
AC 21-38(0) Aircraft Electrical Load Analysis and Power Source Capacity March 2005
AC 21-39 v1.0 Design and fitting of gaseous oxygen systems November 2015
AC 21-40(0) Measurement of Airspeed in Light Aircraft – Certification Requirements April 2005
AC 21-41(0) Light Sport Aircraft Certificate of Airworthiness September 2005
AC 21-42 v2.0 Light sport aircraft manufacturers’ requirements May 2014
AC 21-43(0) Experimental Certificates for Unmanned Aircraft June 2006
AC 21-45 v2.2 Airworthiness Approval of Airborne Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast Equipment June 2015
AC 21-46 v3.0 Airworthiness Approval of Avionics Equipment October 2014
AC 21-47(0) Flight Test Safety April 2012
AC 21-50 v1.0 Approval of software and electronic hardware parts May 2014
AC 21-53 v1.0 Electromagnetic compatibility December 2015
AC 21-99 Online version Aircraft Wiring and Bonding September 2013
AC 21-601 v2.0 Australian Technical Standard Order Authorisation March 2016
AC 21.J-01 v1.0 Approved design organisations June 2014
Sample Design Assurance System Manual – Subpart 21.J
Sample Exposition – Subpart 21.J
AC 23-1 v1.0 Airspeed airworthiness standards for the installation of equipment that protrudes into the airflow December 2013
AC 39-1 v4.1 Airworthiness Directives November 2015
AC 42-3(0) Reliability Programs September 2012
AC 66-3(1) Engine Ground Run Training and Assessment May 2013
AC 66-4(0) Maintenance of aircraft composite structures in a maintenance organisation December 2011
AC 66-5 v1.2 Using a Part 66 Licence to Provide Certifications for Completion of Maintenance under the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988 June 2014
AC 66-6 v1.3 Part 66 Licensing and The Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Act 1997 July 2015
AC 66-07 v1.2 Practical training options for aircraft type training and recording of recent work experience August 2016
AC 90-1(0) Exclusions Against Provisions in CASR Part 90 December 2010
AC 131-01 v1.1 Manned free balloons – airworthiness and operations June 2016
AC 145-2(0) Human Factors Guidelines for Aircraft Maintenance November 2011
AC 145-04 v2.2
Annex C to AC 145-04 – Permitted training – sample manual
Control and delivery of training within by a Part 145 AMO March 2016
AC 145-5 v1.4 Implementation procedures for the technical arrangement on aviation maintenance between CASA and CAAS September 2015
AC 147-1(1) Practical Consolidation Training July 2013
AC 147-02 v5.7 Approved Part 147 Training Organisations July 2016
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Aerodromes & Airspace

Number Subject Date
AC 65-1(0) Air traffic controller licensing August 2005
AC 91.U-01 v1.0 Navigation authorisations May 2015
AC 91.U-04 v1.0 Airworthiness requirements for performance based navigation February 2015
AC 91U-2(0) Required Navigation Performance 10 (RNP 10) Operational Authorisation November 2005
AC 91U-3(0) Required Navigation Performance 4 (RNP 4) Operational Authorisation November 2005
AC 139-1(0) Regulation of aerodromes used in air transport: an overview August 2003
AC 139-3(0) Application for approval to conduct safety inspections of registered and certain other aerodromes November 2010
AC 139-4(0) Commissioning of aerodrome lighting systems September 2003
AC 139-5(1)
Form 1247
Plume rise assessments
Application for an Operational Assessment of a Proposed Plume Rise
November 2012
AC 139-6(0) Use of Restricted Operation (Dumb-Bell) Ground Signals January 2011
AC 139-7(0) Aerodrome Emergency Planning September 2012
AC 139-8(0) Reporting of Tall Structures April 2005
AC 139-9(0) Aerodrome safety inspections at registered and certain other aerodromes April 2007
AC 139-12(0) Handling of hazardous materials on an aerodrome November 2011
AC 139-13(0) Training of Aerodrome Reporting Officers and Works Safety Officers August 2011
AC 139-15(0) Establishing a compass swinging site at your aerodrome February 2004
AC 139-16(1) Safety Management Systems for Aerodromes January 2013
AC 139-17(0) Preparing plans for inclusion in aerodrome manuals March 2005
AC 139-19 v1.0 All-weather operations at aerodromes May 2016
AC 139-20(0) Safe planning and conduct of aerodrome works March 2007
AC 139-21 v1.0 Visual segment surface: monitoring requirements and the reporting of obstacles August 2015
AC 139-23(0) Laser emissions which may endanger the safety of aircraft April 2007
AC 139-25(0) Strength Rating of Aerodrome Pavements August 2011
AC 139-26(0) Wildlife Hazard Management at Aerodromes July 2011
AC 139-27 v1.0 Guidelines for certified air/ground radio services April 2016
AC 139H-1(0) ARFFS – Recommended Practices: Category Determination Level 2 August 2002
AC 139H-2(0) ARFFS – Recommended Practices: Operational Requirements August 2002
AC 139H-3(0) ARFFS – Recommended Practices: Ancillary Equipment August 2002
AC 139H-4(0) ARFFS – Recommended Practices: First Aid Kits August 2002
AC 139H-5(0)
Attachment A
ARFFS – Recommended Practices: Generic Response Form
Generic Response Form for ARFFS
April 2003
AC 171-1(0) Aeronautical telecommunication and radio navigation service providers – Guidelines for complying with the Part 171 requirements and standards March 2006
AC 171-2(0) Aeronautical telecommunication and radio navigation service providers – Guidelines for the preparation of safety cases covering CASR Part 171 services March 2006
AC 171-3(0) Aeronautical telecommunication and radio navigation service providers – Guidelines for the preparation of a safety management system (SMS) March 2006
AC 171-4(0) Software and its use in Aeronautical Telecommunication and Radio Navigation Services November 2006
AC 172-1(0) Guidelines for preparing a Safety Management System (SMS) September 2005
AC 172-2(0) Guidelines for preparing safety cases covering CASR Part 172 services September 2005
AC 173-1(0) Instrument flight procedure design: Applications for procedure design certificate May 2003
AC 173-2(0) Instrument flight procedure design: Approval of the appointment of a chief designer May 2003
AC 173-3(0) Instrument flight procedure design: Approval of courses May 2003
AC 173-04 v2.1 Instrument procedures design: Clarification of RNAV & BARO/VNAV criteria July 2016
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Number Subject Date
AC 11-02(2) Exemptions against the CASR, CAR and CAO August 2011
AC 11-3(1) Electronically formatted certifications, records and management systems

And for #faa:

00 General
11 General Rule-Making Procedures
13 Investigation and Enforcement Procedures
20 Aircraft
21 Certification Procedures for Products and Parts
23 Airworthiness Standards: Normal, Utility, and Acrobatic Category Airplanes
25 Airworthiness Standards: Transport Category Airplanes
27 Airworthiness Standards: Normal Category Rotorcraft
29 Airworthiness Standards: Transport Category Rotorcraft
33 Airworthiness Standards: Aircraft Engines
34 Fuel Venting and Exhaust Emission Requirements for Turbine Engine Powered Airplanes
35 Airworthiness Standards
36 Noise Standards: Aircraft Type and Airworthiness Certification
39 Airworthiness Directives
43 Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Rebuilding and Alteration
45 Identification and Registration Marking
60 Airmen
61 Certification: Pilots and Flight Instructors
63 Certification: Flight Crewmembers Other Than Pilots
65 Certification: Airmen Other Than Flight Crewmembers
70 Airspace
73 Special Use Airspace
90  Air Traffic and General Operating Rules
91 General Operating and Flight Rules
97 Standard Instrument Approach Procedures
99 Security Control of Air Traffic
103 Ultralight Vehicles
105 Sport Parachuting
107 Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems
108 Airplane Operators Security
109 Indirect Air Carrier Security
120 Air Carriers, Air Travel Clubs, and Operators for Compensation or Hire Certification and Operations
121 Certification and Operations: Domestic Flag, and Supplemental Air Carriers and Commercial Operators of Large Aircraft
125 Certification and Operations: Airplanes Having a Seating Capacity of 20 or More Passengers or a Maximum Payload Capacity of 6,000 Pounds or More
129 Operations of Foreign Air Carriers
133 Rotorcraft External-Load Operations
135 Air Taxi Operators and Commercial Operators
137 Agricultural Aircraft Operations
140 Schools and Other Certificated Agencies
141 Pilot Schools
145 Repair Stations
147 Aviation Maintenance Technician Schools
150 Airports Series
170 Navigational Facilities
210 Flight Information
211 Aeronautical Charts and Flight Information Publications
413 Applications
440 Financial Responsibility for Licensed Launch Activities

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